Dead wild rabbit on lawn

Unfortunately this isn’t a joke.

Does anyone know what I am supposed do about a dead wild rabbit that turned up in the garden overnight. (It’s a rural property).

I know there are rules about what you can and can’t do with animal carcasses. If it’s on the highway it’s the councils problem but it’s not. I don’t know whether I can bury it (often okay if a family pet, but not if a farm animal), I could wrap it in bin bags and put it in the black bin, or the local tip.

I have googled, I have tried to contact the local council, I have tried to contact the local council’s waste company and all provide no help.

Does anyone know the answer?

Local RSPCA or rabbit sanctuary (yes, that’s a real thing). They won’t help but they’ll probably be the most for advise. There’ll also be an on-call vet open somewhere that may be able to say.

Burying in the garden is limited to domestic pet only. Who knows how the rabbit actually died and all the consequences of that.

Uh, it’s a rabbit not a stag. Surely you can just bury it in a nearby field if you value its dignity. Many I’m sure would just dump it in a hedgerow somewhere = no longer your problem and the foxes have it.

I had to bury a neighbours rabbit we were were supposed to be looking after it last summer (something fell on it in high winds). They get stiff pretty quickly; then become difficult to put in a shoe box.

Just be careful handling it, because when we were kids my brother stroked an escaped one, then touched his eye. His eye swole up like an easter egg and he had to go to A&E for eye drops.

Thanks both. I will proceed

Let me guess, they found a hare in it :wink:


deposit it in a hedgrow - some scavenger will be along at some time and take it


Local animal hospital has said similar - leave it for the Kites. So I have moved to bottom of garden out of sight and will let nature take its course


I generally put Henry’s leftovers in the grass at the back of the house