It’s November which means - incoming sales! Let’s share bargains to help us save (spend) money.

If it’s through one of the affiliate links then it should help out the site as well Affiliate Links


As a starter, I’m tempted to grab one of these lights, expensive but useful for the winter commutes Exposure Link Plus MK2 Front & Rear Combo Lights | Chain Reaction

50% off Kask helmets Search - Merlin Cycles UK
Good price for the Bambino but all OOS!

The Supacaz bar tape on offer at Merlin Cycles is lush as well.

Not that much going on at the moment but he updates the tables as and when so worth popping back to keep an eye on things.

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Cheap High5 gels for your next race day… £10 for 20.

There’s some SIS gels in Wiggle’s Black Friday sale at 25-50% off RRP too.


They do these all of the time - but cheers.
It always amuses me the “Best Before” dates sales :rofl:

It’s sugar. In a protective wrapper.
And they taste foul anyhow.

You could eat these in 100s of years time and they’d be absolutely fine.

I just bought a load of the bars at 50p each, which is cheaper than most supermarket offerings.


Yeah I always wonder who is buying these at full RRP? I’m hoping someone on here finds another one of those deals for Cliff Bloks at £5 a box like last year. I got through three of those bargain boxes this year courtesy of TriTalk.


Yeah i’m still trucking through them, they’ve been a godsend. Always chuck a pack in on a bike ride of 2 hrs and above. They’ve got me out of jail a few times!

@Mungo2 telling me that ShotBlox were FREE at Merlin cycles :see_no_evil::rofl:
Got four boxes on various visits to them whilst recceing the IMUK course :+1:t3:

Can’t get better than FREE :exploding_head:


I’m down to 9? Boxes now.

I actually really like the taste and texture


The ginger ale bloks are tasty. I look forward to them. I’m out though and RRP is just silly :cry:


I got eleven boxes of tropical fruit?

20? In each box.

Well out of date now but they taste fine.


Yeah, I had three on Sunday.
Flavour is fine, just a bit “sticky” on the teeth.

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Shhh, we like out of date sales!

I just bought a 31.5m roll of Kinesio Tex tape (Exp Feb 21). I still have a 5m roll from 2013 (perhaps less sticky now), so this should last the rest of my life :rofl:


Soar have a pretty good deal on their winter running gear.

Build your own winter top, bottoms and an accessory bundle with 15% off. Code is WINTERSYSTEM.

Still Soar though so £$£$£$£$£…

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25% off a goodly proportion of Stolen Goat with code VIG25

I’ve got one of their ss jerseys and think it’s a decent item. Tempted to pick something up in the sale … not sure what to prioritise though. The trisuit down from £160 to £120 is definitely tempting.

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What’s winter running gear other than gloves and healthy dose of HTFU?


5 layers for my 8km run this morning!

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Selling my Bambino if anyone is interested? Never crashed, hardly used. Did get very wet in 2017 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: