Deep Sleep

I wear my Garmin all the time and so it records my sleep.

Looking back through what it records and I seem to get very little deep sleep. Last night, sleep time was 8.5 hours, deep sleep 0. I almost never get more than an hour and its rare I get anywhere near that. Most often its 30-50mins, sometimes nothing.

What’s everyone else getting? Dr Google tells me I should be needing 1-2 hours on an 8 hour sleep.

I know the Garmin might not be accurate but its consistent.

Any ideas how to get more deep sleep?

Which Garmin is it ?

I have a 935 and get similar low deep sleep to you. It used to be a lot better, but at some point a firmware “upgrade” supposedly to take account of HRV and report REM sleep seemed to throw it out of whack.
Looking back at my old data it now also reports REM so they must have been collecting the data and reprocessed it.

Basically don’t believe what the Garmin deep sleep says.

Other than that general “sleep hygiene” might help

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I’m sleeping properly rubbish at the moment. Not sure why … .guessing the general stress of everything and the amount of riding/training I’m doing.

Since getting my newer Garmin, it now (attempts to) track REM. I believe that’s more important that deep sleep. I tend to get very limited deep sleep now…

Actually didn’t look far enough back in my history and have some old data before the “upgrade” that shows nights like 3hr Deep + 5hr light - that data is over 2 years old though…

Its Fenix 5 which has identical software to the 935. Interestingly my wife’s Forerunner doesn’t track the REM sleep and she records a lot more deep sleep than me

Seems it can’t determine the difference between the two types

All the sleep specialists on podcasts tell me that you can’t determine anything significant from consumer sleep monitoring, if anything they can increase anxiety which negatively affects sleep.


Interesting point. For clarity, I never really look at mine (doing so for the above screenshot was the first time in weeks), so I don’t think that’s the cause of my current poor sleep!

Pretty much what joex says, my 920 used to say I’d get 2 plus hours of deep sleep at least every night. I then bought the 945 and sometimes I’m lucky to get 10 minutes but noticing any different.

Fairly sure I went back to the 920 as a test and it went back to the 2 hours, so I think either the sensitivity is different or the algorithms.

As a result I barely look now at it so I’m not worried about how much I’m getting, or take it with a very large grain of salt.

It is the algorithm - the 920 only used accelerometers to detect movement, the 935/945/Fenix5/6 also use the optical HR and combines that with the accelerometer data to try to determine REM sleep as well as deep/light.


Now you’ve mentioned that it rings a bell. Also I think my resting HR in Garmin is probably incorrect now, it’s quite a few years old so possibly thinks my current sleeping HR is quite high.