Developing Running Form Webinar

Developing an understanding of running form. A free Webinar conversation hosted by Jon Cowell on Monday 28th November at 19:00 entitled: Using Vygotskian principles to develop a coach’s understanding and practice of coaching running in triathlon. Please email to confirm participation and receive Zoom link.


Awesome :+1:

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Sounds great, will there be a recording of it?

no…for a couple of reasons…recordings tend to restrict audience participation (or they at least censor their words), plus i’d probably really struggle to get ethical clearance for it…

Thank you very much for that on Monday night John, I really enjoyed it. As someone who has always felt the logic of run drills (taught as form drills; I always thought they made much sense as either plyometrics or dynamic warm ups) never seemed to translate well to real world application, it was interesting to see someone point out the obvious that they arn’t taught the same way skills are such as swimming (which to me reads as the way they are taught is garbage!).

One question I did have when you talked about practicing running form for short (20-30 m distances) as ‘on-the-spot drills’ in to a practice run, is how is the run done? As a normal paced but form focused run or more as a sprint/stride?




My experience suggests that this is mostly the case…

With good form there is the tendency to run faster than is sustainable, initially at least. I am not a fan of the word ‘sprint’ in relation to running, because it generally encourages runners to exceed their biomechanical form. Strides even more so…although they can be managed effectively as ‘accelerations’…

I will try and link a video…

My pleasure. Will look to do another one in january…

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