DFDS Credit

I realised today that I’ve got a £160 with DFDS that needs to be booked by the end of the year and trip to be completed by September 30th 2023. I don’t think I’ll be able to use and looking to sell it discounted to recover some of the cash.

I spoke to DFDS who have confirmed that it’s transferable, so if anyone’s interested send me a PM.

Pity I can’t use it. But to anyone that can use it, DFDS are really accommodating about changes and updates, so if you think you’ll use it but don’t have exact dates then it’s still worthwhile.

Other than they wouldn’t refund me but yes, they’re pretty good at changes and can book quite last minute sometimes.

Do they do sofas that cheap?


They don’t refund sadly but you can change date endlessly… (I’ve got a booking from last year and not the new date constraints sadly)