Di2 Deals

Try having bikes with mechanical SRAM double Tap & STI shifting; that is a PITA. Double Tap is pants. The eTap system sounds okay, it’s just getting used to the different process.

To reiterate: Double Tap mechanical shifting sucks.

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I’ve got etap (11 speed) on my TT & summer road bike, DI2 on the winter bike.
The shifting system on etap is so much more intuitive to use than on DI2, you don’t need to get used to it, it just works. DI2 however I can never remember which button shifts which way. Unfortunately though the front & rear mechs are just better on DI2.

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I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. Having used Shimano STIs since 2003, I don’t have to think about which button to push to shift in the direction I want to shift. It just happens. Reprogramming my brain so that the right hand shifts to a smaller sprocket and the left hand shifts to a bigger sprocket without thinking about it is going to take some time.

Maybe that’s just an age thing :drooling_face:

A guy looked in disbelief when I said I was going to put sram red 10 speed on my new tt frame…!
Well the bike shop are, I don’t like grease and stuff.

Works perfect no…?!

Double Tap road shifters are different to the 10 speed TT shifters; which are you planning to use?

I have SRAM R2C on my TT bike and it works fine. Double Tap is another kettle of fish; you get used to it, but it’s still pants.

10 or 11 speed on the tt?

I have sram double on both road bikes… changes lots of gears quickly … I like it personally.

I did IMUK ON ten speed sram red with tt shifters, it’s very technical and my bike handling is fair to crap and was fine.

Looking at etap but this one is for flat course so may not bother .

Have you used Di2? I have to go check my bike but I don’t think the electrical shifters share the same functions as the mechanical ones, not as std anyhow. Etap: left lever, chain goes lefty. Right lever chain goes righty :slight_smile:

10 speed. I’m not sure I’ve seen any R2C 11 speed shifters on the market.

I’ve got the first generation 10-speed Dura Ace Di2 on two of my bikes and last year’s team bike had the latest Ultegra Di2. The lower button shifts to a smaller sprocket or chainring and the upper button shifts to a larger sprocket or chainring. The buttons are in pretty much the same place as the levers on mechanical STIs and I’ve no problem switching between mechanical and Di2.

I’m sure eTap is intuitive once you get used to it, so at the moment it’s probably just old dogs and new tricks :wink:

I’m guessing there is a default, but the whole point of di2 is that you can change the buttons to do whatever you want. It wouldn’t take long to configure a di2 road bike to work exactly the same as mechanical STI shifters (which would be logical to do)

I’ve never mucked around with the configuration of the Di2 bikes I’ve ridden and the default has always worked the same as mechanical STIs

So r2c is always ten speed…?!

I see.

They look good but heavier… and the reviews say there really stiff…?!

I’m on 10sp SRAM and always fancied some R2C shifters but they don’t come up very often second hand and still fetch good money.
I’ve also seen some Vision ones like little brake levers but they’re like rocking horse sh1t.

You can get 10 & 11 speed ones.

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They’re not heavier if you have the Zipp Vuka Shift extensions; you remove the expansion bolts and fir straight to the bar ends. They obvs look #sick too.

Yes they are a little stiff, but loosen-up with use and some regular flushing with GT85 etc

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Funnily I have a BNIB set at home; CRC were selling them for …£39.99 about 2 years ago :astonished: So I snagged a spare set. I have thought about selling them for a tidy profit, but I just know as soon as I do, the existing ones will explode!

iirc I ordered a L/H yaw shifter as advertised, but a set turned up :ok_hand::+1:

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Jammy bastid !!

Well done !

Not Di2 but EPS at this price point is unheard of.

Crikey that’s a good deal! Only issue would be wheel compatibility but freehubs aren’t that hard to get.