Di2 troubleshoot group?

I recently bought a Felt DA1 with a 7970 TT Di2 system. I need to find someone with either a working system or system knowledge to help get it running. It’s complete, with a few spares, but a troubleshoot or parts swap looks needed. Rather than flood my first post with loads of detail, please let me know if there’s a place I should move this to.

Thanks for keeping a forum like this going!

Apologies to OP as never noticed this first time round and I’ve had more than my fair share of Di2 woes.

Todays…TT bike has external battery…always been suspect and nearly couldn’t do Yorkshireman back in 2019 as it just died overnight. Assumed it was moisture getting in thru’ the bottom of the frame so dried it out in my car overnight and worked fine. Used the hydrophobic paste to prevent it in future, I hoped…

Lingering in my mind was likelihood of it failing again. Especially with regards to IM Copenhagen, which I am hoping to complete before 2025 based on current trends….

Today, wanting to try out assiomas I got for my birthday finally, geared up for a test run, just a hyper local loop.No dice. Batteries (I have two given past issue) failed to connect. When I went down the road the Garmin was showing the system only intermittently via the d-fly and I actually unplugged that at one point (while plugging the rest back in) to see if it made a difference. Back home I took everything I could apart, used contact cleaner on everything, made sure it was all plugged in. Nada.

Anyway. It’s booked in for a repair next month. I’m very close to taking the hit and asking for an internal battery if it will fit. IF….

Never be an early adopter. In the world of bikes, early is first 10 years, apparently….


I’m wondering how you stumbled across this post 1 year on- impressive

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Search on di2 after I had sh1t go wrong of course!


Is it really worth the hassle? You see pros struggling with it, and they have teams setting up their gear before every ride. How the hell are normal cyclists supposed to maintain it?
Surly the rock solid performance of manual shifting out weights the risk of wireless for most cyclists?

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Hmmm, you make a good point.

Di2 is wonderful. But for sure it’s a PITA sometimes. But I don’t think I’m a good ambassador! I think the good more than outweighs the bad, even for me.

I’ve literally never had to faff with mine. It’s setup and it works, charged the battery once in the last year.

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I had di 2 10 speed 12 years ago !

People used to stop and stare at it, now it’s everywhere.

It’s only failed on me once, but ghost shifting DOWN the Block while you climb a steep hill is some new form of torture that never took off even in our strange painful world.

The same groupset has been faultless on my e116 for 4/5? Years now.

I am aware of 5-6 athletes who’s “ electrics “ completely failed in transition prior to races, only one needed his trainers that day.

It’s fantastic when it works.


As Jgav says, never had a problem. It’s actually so much easier. Index once and done. Never need to change a cable. No need to reindex as cables stretch. On a TT bike you can shift in both positions. Plug and play replacement parts. So much easier to pack a bike as can completely remove the rear mech, and on a TT bike I can quickly remove the aerobars entirely.

I’d struggle to go back on a nice bike. Riding my commuters is now a chore in all honesty!