Disappearing threads

Could have sworn I posted on the DIY thread and now I can’t see the thread at all?

I can see it.

More DIY numptiness

That’s really weird. I can see it in your link but not on my own page! :thinking:

Funnily enough I get that on Facebook, seemingly often after I post in detail on how to improve skillsets or discuss not insignificant aspects of ‘wierd stuff’ that many seem to overlook.

Re your diy, I too am hopeless at diy, but I did once put together a decent seven foot garden gate from a wickes? DIY kit. And if I can achieve that so can you. (Assuming I am remembering your thread correctly FP). Simply laid it on a workbench, took my time, and it is still going strong 2 decades later. Have confidence in your skills, and take your time.

Moderators, just delete this thread to freak them out…


I get this as well but the search makes it appear, I think it often happens to ones I start?

I think I’ve found the issue. Check to see if you have accidentally ‘muted’ the thread. That’s what I had done. Changed it back to ‘normal’ and now I can see it.