Do I need a watch?

I have a Garmin Fenix 5 which is my daily wear watch.

Coming from an Apple watch a couple of things stand out.

Firstly Battery life, I maybe charge it once a week, this covers Gym, run and Bike sessions for the week including GPS use, so no more nightly charging.

And Secondly, I barely use my bike head unit any more, the watch links to my powermeter and HRM belt perfectly.

Drawbacks against the Apple watch? I miss the ApplePay on the watch, the Garmin is quite large on the wrist - it wont slip under a shirt cuff easily and finally I see to go through straps quite quickly.

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Im not looking for a daily wearer though - and Garmin only has a workaround for transmitting HR over BT - the Virtual Run workout.

Ive just remembered what a hassle chest straps are, and the interference from vests. So Watch it is.

My wife worked in the industry, so I learned by osmosis. Copies of QP are longed gone after several house moves.

They stopped making QP in March this year.
No online edition either.

TW Steel for the win.

My Omega Seamaster is now 21 years old is still going strong. It was my immediate purchase after receiving my first annual bonus. Eventually I’ll pass it on but in the meantime I alternate between that and my forerunner 935.


i’ll pass my IWC on, that and my PRS Artist Hollowbody will be the heirlooms for Little One.

How are they a hassle and what vest causes interference? Just curious, as i’ve never had a problem with chest straps before, and have personally found my wrist hrm to be absolute crap once i actually start to exercise (it’s fine on day to day monitoring)

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I don’t even know what QP is? When I was researching my watch, I bought a mag called ‘Watchtime’

I switched to a Wahoo Tickr X and it has been hassle free.

Used my Tickr X for the first time on Mon. It worked fine but couldn’t get a signal until I’d wetted the pads.

A quarterly luxury watch magazine.
Often found in BA lounges.

It was printed on Matt paper and had a nice texture to it. Smelt nice too.
It’s got a special name that type of printing.

Anyway - my Wahoo Tickr scratches my chest and I have a scar from the constant rubbing.

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With a tin foil hat?!

What is it that only can only listen for HR data over BT?

You will have had another 10 Garmins before you hand that Omega on…


OHR (wrist) is shite, trust me. My Run VO2 has fallen greatly, because my 935 now thinks I run everywhere at 170 bpm, even though my MHR is probably about that now.

Badge of honour, that Tickr scar :sweat_smile:

I started with a chest HR and it would randomly spike to over 200 or 0. This is a hassle, plus finding it, keeping it in place. It’s another thing to go wrong or get lost.

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Apple TV and iPad.