Do I need a watch?

Looks like the battery on my Apple Watch S2 is reaching terminal stage. Ive never owned a traditional multisport watch.

But do I need one?

I have to take my phone on outdoor runs anyway
I use a Garmin Edge for outdoor bike
Theres going to be bugger all swimming for the forseeable and I prefer the timing clock for pacing intervals
I never get to wear my Seamaster

On the other hand;
I really cant count laps in swimming
I need an HRM for indoor training and racing
Sometimes I can leave the phone
A Garmin watch might simplify my IT landscape for triathlon

What say ye?

I love my 935 but I haven’t raced with a bike head unit of any type for over 15yrs, so if I had a bike computer I might think differently.

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I remember the days of only wearing a sports watch when doing sports; then swapping back to my Patek Tourbillion.

I guess they have become lifestyle items now 💁


I tried that once or twice but the problem is at work, I really couldn’t be assed taking two watches to work or leave my IWC in the skanky gym locker.
It became more of a hassle than it was worth.

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Oh, this has become the back handed “brag about your swanky watch” thread.

I have a Cartier Santos Galbee XL. Never wear it. My son will get it when he graduates.


Jorgan starting the dick swinging, I’m just keeping him honest. :joy:


He is lying.

He MUST be lying. That watch costs a house!


I did think it was a step up from his Portuguese!

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I bought myself a seiko kinetic for my 21st bday. Was about £150 which may as well have been 15k at that time.

I lost it when abseiling, drunk, off the top of the big old ‘grand’ Hotel on the seafront of Weston super mare, using the metal cord that we nicked off the flag pole (along with the flag). Burnt my hands zipping down the line, fell into a tree, ripped my trousers open and apparently lost my watch.

The folly of youth eh.


Haha fools! As if I’d own a £500k watch!

I have an Ebel 1911 BTR GMT (wife got it for ‘buttons’ as she worked for them) and a Fortis B42 Marinemaster; both sit idle 24/7 :roll_eyes:

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I thought you had some gifted Portuguese ?

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Not me guv. I did get a fake Portuguese in KL back in 2005, but that only lasted a couple of years! The seller even demonstrated the genuine leather strap with his lighter :rofl:

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So thats a…

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Phones are all well and good but

  • battery life is crap if you are out for a long time
  • you can’t use them in races
  • you can’t get small ones anymore so they are a pain to carry on a run

Oh right, my memory gets fuzzy these days.

I was just watching DC Rainmaker’s round up of the Fenix 6 range but he talks so fast I felt nauseous after 5 minutes!

DC Rainmaker is also Kermit the frog.

Yes, you need a watch. You can afford it and you deserve it.


I had to google them.

Bloody hell!

They’re some serious tuna

And yes @joex buy a watch.

Have a Fenix 5+ and really like it. Need no but if it’s a purchase you can afford then worth it I think.

Good battery life and covers all sports bases. Always lose count in the distant past when we were allowed to go to pool so good way of clocking the laps without thinking. Also like the mapping for more adventurous trail runs and don’t like taking phone with me. Can put Spotify playlists on so does music also with Bluetooth link to headphones.

Still use a separate (old edge 800) on the bike as watch display not convenient when riding but usually record my ride on Fenix and push to TP/strava via that rather than having to manually connect edge.

Also looks presentable enough that you can wear for sports or smart without feeling too out of place. Got my wife the 6 pro for a milestone birthday and it looks pretty smart and only ever really comes off her wrist to charge.

Know Garmin gets mixed reviews but overall I’ve had positive experiences with them.

Apparently the Vivoactive doesnt transmit HR over BT so Ill probably get another Apple Maybe S3.


I wondered how long it’d be before anyone picked up on this :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Can tell who’s reading their back issues of QP magazine :smirk:

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