Dog Friendly Stops M6 & M74

We always struggle to find anywhere near the motorway heading up/down the country. The service stations generally have nowhere you can let an active Springer off the lead.


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Decent bit of space at Stafford northbound

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There’s the really big one just north of Kendal with a lake that could be an option?

Not sure if it’s southbound only though.

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So … you can “cheat” at Knutsford services and drive straight through the services and onto the local road behind.

There’s a no entry sign and police ANPR interceptors everywhere, but they just wave at you.

Then head into Knutsford - The Heath is awesome. Free parking on Tabley Road, then just explore the Heath.

Also, good opportunity to visit Booths, use the bathrooms etc.


A similar escape road at the one just north of Penrith, to allow travelodge guests head in the opposite direction without a 20 minute diversion. Quite a lot like that.

Plenty of fields and small roads behind


Tebay? Both directions big open spaces …

Annandale also? Another with a lake… Often see dog walkers

Abington on M74?


I think it’s south of Tebay, but that’s an option.

M6 J20. Lymm dam is 1.5 miles from the junction.

What3words for parking is

Most pubs around the village are dog friendly. Coffee shops are less so.

Village centre what3words


It’s a “Cheshire” off :joy::joy::joy:

Lymm Vs Knutsford :boom::boxing_glove:

Often wondered where all those roads go at service stations - so just local access

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You can’t take dogs into the buildings at the services but pretty decent amount of space to get a little walk in.

Often for staff to get in quicker or hotels as mentioned, or emergencies.

Those works exits with no access and warning signs are often military bases I think :thinking:

Back in ‘13 did the century sportive to Edinburgh and we cycled past Abington… was like mad being this far south on the bike… a tough ride

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Thans for all your suggestion so far :+1:

I’m just disappointed you didn’t title this thread 'Dog breaks M6"

How? etc


Killington Lake will be the southbound one. Not as good inside as Tebay - going north - but some green to walk a dog.

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If you go past the services building at Tebay, there’s an overflow parking area immediately to the left which leads onto a minor road with loads of countryside.
Have never looked at it from a dog perspective but presume there must be somewhere suitable.


There’s even a bench

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…for your dog to piss against.


Oooo a RR not on fire; that’s a novelty around here :rofl: