Doping in UK vs elsewhere

I grew up, for the most part of it anyway, in Lincoln. I lived on a huge council estate that was known within the city as one of the rough areas. TBH, it was fine and in reality is an example of decent planning in terms of green space, paths away from roads and so on. I moved to Leeds as a student and my first thought of student/bedsit land was “Is this Leeds or Beirut?”

For the Hamiltons, Stevenage might have seemed rough but had they lived in a true inner city environment their views would likely have been different. It’s all relative based on experience and perception isn’t it?


I’m calling it a day at this point EJ, if you’ve got a specific point to make that you think justifies the hatred directed at LH then make it but give over with the … I’m an avid F1 fan & as I said watch all the content, Lewis is a decent bloke with incredible talent and has conducted himself extremely well given the circumstances.

Most of the criticism against him IMO is racially motivated, casual observers pick up on stories, titbits etc from social media & form an opinion that doesn’t really reflect the reality & jump on the band wagon.

LH should be celebrated by us for the superb British sports star that he is & you can rest assured there won’t be a sniffle of an EPO story to dent his achievements.

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Motorsport in the main, at least at the pointy end is the domain of the wealthy. When your not very wealthy and you are competing for your career against such, these things are relative.
When I was racing at brands hatch for the 1st race of the season and sleeping in a tent with ice on the inside & it’s bloody snowing & my competitor is 10ft away in a luxury motorhome to me I was slumming it. Kent is not really a slum is it?
LH lived in a council house, his competitor Nico Rosberg was a F1 world champions son. These things are relative.


I was just happy to see someone actually mount a challenge this season, be good if George Russell can kick on next year with the change of car and we might have a three driver season maybe

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Many years ago, I called an asian guy a “prick”. I could have called him anything, but I chose this word. He called me “big nose” and insinuated I had a small penis before telling me he would “ruin my day”. At this point I saw the futility of the situation and walked off.

Does that make it racially motivated?

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Yes, will all be interesting stuff but a 3 way fight for the title would be bad for Merc splitting the points. We might get to see Russel with less to lose making some Max like banzai moves on Max though :slight_smile:. Will Russel make Lewis look average as suggested above, I doubt it but look forward to finding out. Norris could be in the running too if they can make a step with the car & benefit from the new rules. Ferrari are likely to be in the mix too next year, both great drivers.


Of course it doesn’t @Jorgan but it also doesn’t any bearing the things that have made me arrive at the opinion I have after observing the situation over the last decade.

How more specific can I be? He spoke very poorly and i reserve the right to critique him for this…

I don’t justify any of the hatred…have not referred to any hatred…and do not hate Lewis Hamilton. I don’t think it wise to infer motivations especially when you have not invested the time to understand the argument as evidenced above.


Incredible talent? Absolutely. The best driver F1? Possibly. The most successful? Certainly. A decent bloke? Not entirely sure. By F1 standards, possibly and as an elite athlete, there are definitely worse out there.

That’s quite a claim to make and I would be keen to see the justification*.

This may well be the case, but this does not necessarily make them racially motivated*.

He is celebrated. I for one think he has been one of the stand out athletes of all time. But I don’t approve of tax exiles and he is a bit too late to the party in using his celebrity, money and influence for good (although i have concentrated on his driving rather than his life in general which doesn’t appeal).

I guess so. But i doubt EPO will have too much benefit in F1 as opposed to stimulants and possibly steroids. I know that F1 has out of competition testing, but I have not heard of an in competition test. I’d be interested to know if that happens.

  • Be very cautious of this for two reasons. As Jorgan has posted, we run the risk of incorrectly assuming motives that may be untrue which poses huge problems for the future and won’t be easily unravelled. And secondly, if we do continue along this path of asserting motive, we can rest assured that we will all become the victims of this in the future.

I genuinely think so.
I wouldn’t want that lifestyle in his position. Much more desirable to be Jonny Wilkinson than David Beckham in 2003.

I agree. Hamilton is unpalatable but so would peaty after a few more months. There’s only so much we can take of ‘I scarified everything to get here’ etc - well you didn’t. Your parents did. You just worked hard. As does everyone now fuck off


You are on the wrong thread :joy:


Apart from virtually zero direct taxation, the big attraction in Monaco is no paparazzi and local law enforcement that is heavily weighted in favour of wealthy residents.

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FTFY. There are no other residents :money_mouth_face:

1 police officer for every 68 residents.
Every resident is interviewed by an officer before being granted residence.

Seems like a fantastic place to live.

Mainly to say you’re a “Monegasquan” :monaco:

I think Monaco has more CCTV per capita than anywhere else in world.

  • One police officer for every 68 residents.
  • More CCTV per Capita than anywhere else in the world.

Sounds dystopian!

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I’m not sure if it’s still true, it was stat I read a few years ago.

It’s a fair bet if all the coppers are wearing cameras too like they do here with that ratio.

It’s not though, it looks absolutely bliss.

Zero crime, ruffians being turned away at the border, tourists and visitors locked up overnight for minor infractions.

The view from the prison is bloody gorgeous and the food is practically Michelin starred :heart_eyes:

Zero litter, people do as they’re told.

Why would you not want to live there?!?

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Because a lick of F&B wouldn’t get you even close to being one up on the neighbours.