Doping in UK vs elsewhere

Slowtwitch seems to have a fair few doping threads in your average year. The stuff seems way more accessible over there, especially Testosterone. How long before anti-ageing drugs/clinics become more prevalent here?

Know of anyone?

It wouldn’t surprise me at all…but I don’t frequent the kind of places where those conversations take place…

They all sound super informed about drugs!

I think one of the issues in the USA, with this and pain relief addiction is that the whole system is privatenad seemingly less regulated. So if a Dr won’t give you the drugs you want and you have the money, you eventually find a Dr who will. It seems harder over here, although there was that doctor in the news a couple of years back using the ageing clinic scenario to justify doping. It seems easy enough to buy on the internet, not sure what the legal status is and there were some guys caught buying HGH from China that turned out to be distilled water.

I saw that thread on ST, there’s certainly some people in America that don’t think it’s cheating in any way, despite the fact that endurance training does have a negative effect on T.

I gather there is a supplements shop locally who will sell you ‘special stuff’ on request :frowning:

Shame there’s not a bit more testing done.