Double session day

Yep, everytime. Could be that at that time I wasn’t particularly good at mobility and conditioning work.


I dont generally set rest days for athletes unless they actually do every session or I know they are young and single with no real life stresses. I see life get in the way, causing rest days naturally. Also I try to get the athlete to think for themselves, if you’ve had a hard day at work, haven’t slept well, kids been playing up take a day off guilt free. Not for all but find it has generally worked well for most.


Ive always had rest days but I’m starting to consider putting something easy/endurance instead (as above an outdoor ride). There’s been some talk on podcasts about them not being really necessary if your weekly volume isn’t very high. I suppose there’s a middle aged factor to consider as well.

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Don’t underestimate life stress either, this is one of the biggest causes of under recovery. 10hrs training might not seem a lot but that row with the Mrs. the evening with a stroppy teenager or even just running around tge playground chasing a 3 year old all takes its toll.