Driving license security advice please

I carry out assessments of buildings and sometimes have to collect and return keys for buildings to a third party. A local authority that I often collect from has now imposed that I leave my driving license with the security office as ‘deposit’.
I am feeling rather reluctant to do that is it
A) because I don’t like being told what to do?..…probably
B) because it’s my security being out at risk?..…possibly
C) both of the above………

Anyone any experience of this

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No experience of it but I can see why you are reticent to do it. I would certainly be asking to see the policy and details of where it will be kept, security and who would have accesd to it.

Could your employer provide a company ID card with less personal info on it that could be left instead?


That’s a shout will propose that as an alternative

that’s me…and my answer would be no…

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