Dropout Extender - anyone used a 'road link'?

As it says. Has anyone used a dropout extender to increase the range of a short cage mech? Just wondering what shifting was like, as I guess the top pulley is further away from the cassette as a result.

Pretty sure @Chrace went through this for his extended range bike for an extreme tri

Rather than shell out £550 for a SRAM Etap Mid Cage I’ve just bought one of these to allow me to use 32 tooth in the summer. Not fitted yet but fingers crossed it’ll save me a bob or two.

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Apologies if stating the obvious but better than an expensive (or worse) accident.
These don’t increase the capacity of the your mech, only move it to enable a bigger sprocket. You may have to upsize your smallest one by a similar amount if you’re near the limit.

Ok, so although I can’t see myself getting to the Pyrenees this year I put the Road Link on, put on an 11-32 & a new chain.

I had a couple of sessions on the turbo over the last few weeks before going out in the real world today.

The hill I repeated was just over a mile, 185mtrs & averaged at 10.4%.

Everything worked fine, but I wouldn’t want to run my big ring (50😳) & 32 at the same time.