E-Bike conversion

I know i know, they are not liked, but i’m thinking of converting my spare road bike for the winter break,
i’m working nights alot and am all over the city lately carrying a fair bit on my back and panniers in tools and ppe so i want to make my journey a bit easier whilst still avoiding the transport network.

have been looking at some kits, not sure whats best and was wondering if anyone has done similar to a bike here? i’m fairly good mechanically wise so the work isn’t too bad, just want to get through those long commutes around london without sweating tonnes and having an easier time doing it.

soooo any advice?

Like all powered vehicles, the battery is going to be a major part of the puzzle.

Where is it going to fit, how big is it and is it easy to remove/swap/charge. Is it secure against theft. Does it get in the way of you or the loads you need to carry. Is carrying a spare or slave battery an option. Is the battery weight so heavy that it makes the bike unwieldy, especially if it is dead and you have to provide your own power.

Enough charge in a single pack for your usage requirements on the coldest, longest, hilliest and most overloaded day you can envisage? Are spare chargers readily available and cheap enough that you can have one at home and one at work. Is charging time short enough that after a long day you can get it (or multiple packs) fully charged before needed again.

How much are replacements in case of theft, need for a spare, degradation over time.

Is the battery pack a sealed proprietary unit that comes at a price premium and may not be available in a couple of years, or is it something that is easily re-furbishable using widely available cells. You don’t want to be hundreds in a few years for something that is really not worth it.

I almost wonder if it’s worth waiting for ebikes to come onto the S/H market, with winter coming and people generally feeling pessimistic and in need of the cash for Christmas etc.

There’s been a huge increase in the number of e-bikes around London this year. The Deliveroo and Uber Eats riders all seem to have gone electric this year.

There certainly seems to be a lot of demand generally for e-bikes (and scooters) in London, probably driven to a large extent by people not wanting to use public transport.