Early evening best time for peak performance?

I had always thought early evening was the best time for peak performance because most world records are set at that time but also because I noticed my own temperature peaks at around that time too (lowest early morning highest early eve). Also, when I used to swim in the fairly early morning, I noticed I felt weaker and less fit and I seemed to swim a bit slower. So I put put 2 and 2 together…

However, one or two people have said the explanation is more that athletic and swimming finals are more likely to take place in the early evening and they tend to bring out peak performance so that is the explanation.

What’s the thoughts of the esteemed members of this forum ?

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I would say most of my best “ gym “ sessions results wise have come late afternoon early evening.

I 100% can’t go hard first thing in the morning but have achieved some fair/ good results in early tris over the years.

Sundowner was a 70.3 type event that started at dinner time I always used to go well in that one. My best power average bike wise in recent times was completed at 4 in the morning during a set of nights ?!

I’m guessing this will be very individual tri talk has a good few keen early risers ! Sick bastids

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most ironman records are set at around 2-3pm :wink:

can’t remember many that have been set in the morning, or in the evening


early evening is best time for a sub 11 though


Never been a morning person.

Afternoon performance is usually best for me but I appreciate this may be difficult for those
with children in the house.

Evenings I’m at an age when i just want to go to sleep, but sometimes…just sometimes.



:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: too much information Doonhamer, too much :flushed:


You do want to water your aubergines in the evening as the mid day sun can scorch their skins when wet.


All my best performances are in the morning. Early bird and all that :sunglasses:


Nothing like a bit of afternoon delight, IMO.

Sometimes it’s dark in the early evening and you can’t see what you’re doing.
My peak performances have always been in daylight.


My peak performances have involved tailwind and the power of the crowd.

And a head torch :face_with_monocle: