Eat like the GOAT

“In numbers, I need about 800 grams of carbs, 160 grams of protein, and about the same amount of fat, per day. To give you an idea, that’s 16 cups of rice spread over a day if I’m getting ready for a hard training day or a race. It can feel like an eating competition at times!”

I need to eat more… (he says finishing a pizza at 11pm)

Guessing about 10g/kg CHO, and 2g/kg fat/protein which sounds about right. Maybe touch over for all if he’s a bit under 80kg.

Good to see the sport going with the times. Remember seeing a Tim Don meal plan ~10 years ago which was the same or less than I’d eat on a non training day.

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130g carbs on the bike in race is epic.

Yeah but has been the case for ~2-4* years now amongst tri and cycling teams. Quite a few IM athletes have published intakes of 130-150g/hour on the bike without having any issue, and believe they are absorbing it.

*ETA: actually probably a lot longer. Just found my reference for 2015 Vuelta Movistar intake. The whole team averaged 90g/hour carb intake across the entire race, with one rider averaging 118g/hour. Given that includes the easier stages he was probably taking 130-140/hour in the harder ones?

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This 160kg Sumo wrestler allegedly eats an average of 4000 kcal per day. (may be nonsense rather than actual #science fact)

Jan at 5200kcal- what do we reckon his BMR is? 2000? Reckon if he was completely sedentary rather than training 4-5h per day, he’d be putting on a kilo every 3 days :man_shrugging::pizza::smile:

ps when I was young and stupid I once cycled from Taunton to Nottingham with only a 1kg giant bar of dairy milk in a rucksack. what’s that, 5500 kcal? Scarfed it all too.


Tim Noakes would be turning in his grave if he knew about this

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