Eddie Izzard 31 marathons in 31 days

Just saw her on Zwift Run, apparently putting in a marathon everyday for charity. Not the first time they’ve had a crack at this sort of thing…but this time she’s doing a stand up gig online after every one :sweat_smile:

Make humanity great again!


I saw him/her live once - utter rubbish, left half way through (the only time that’s happened).

One of my great regrets is not running with him when he did his marathons around Britain (10 years ago ish??). I found out very close to the run date and bottled it

You could probably say that about any comedian though, if you didn’t like their style of comedy? I’ve only seem him once, but thought he was excellent.

Interesting aside, the approach to pronouns in written form is challenging. “He” is stated as preferring the pronoun of whatever gender form he is taking at a given point in time, and therefore chooses “he” or “she” over, say, “they”. But that’s a struggle when you’re writing more generically

(S)he was going through a weird stream of consciousness phase, nobody else was laughing either which (s)he did acknowledge (but did nothing about).
I agree that seeing any comedian is hit or miss but you sign up for the comedian you know and it’s fair to expect that I think. The problem with Izzard (on safer ground there than with pronouns!) was that he didn’t deliver what was expected.
Not sure it needs saying but I wanted to enjoy his gig as I do admire the artist formerly associated with a male gender

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