Electolytes, gels...anyone know of any bargains?

£20 is good, they were £32 last time i checked. £4 is insane.

Wiggle are usually good for the mixed box of SIS gels, approx £22.

Back in stock. £5. 45 left.



Nice. Two boxes of strawberry on their way. :+1:

Thanks @Chriswim don’t normally use shot bloc, but sure they’ll come in handy. Esp for a tenner for two packs. :+1:t4:

Thanks @Chriswim bargain :+1:t2:

Thanks! 3 boxes ordered. Stuck a box of the ginger ales ones in the order for a change. I hope they’re nice!

:+1: Thanks Chris. Soon I’ll be able to carry some shot bloks around with the banana sports bars I take on every ride and never remember to use!

Excellent, thanks @Chriswim. Just contacted sport pursuit to delete the box I ordered through them from my bigger order

I’ve only used 2 gels all year at Helvellyn, and never used the bloks before but still bought a load purely because of price, too good to miss.

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Snap. I’ve done all this year off bananas and haribo and cheap supermarket wraps.:joy:

Handy to have though.

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Mine just turned up, never had them before, dated March 2021 not that it matters. Quite how I’m going to get through so many I have no idea. I didn’t realise quite how many there was in a box. Just thought it was a bargain and ordered :joy: Mostly likely use them on some long multi day rides in the Spring/Summer plus some long runs if my stomach agrees with them while running.

That’s weird, mine have literally just turned up as well, all dated Mar 2021. Don’t read anything into that, these things will last longer than a cockroach in a nuclear winter. :+1:

I missed a delivery an hour ago, wondered what that was :joy:

Yeah, they’re pure sugar. I can see them being fine for years. Different with bars. From experience, they harden up and become brick like!