Electolytes, gels...anyone know of any bargains?

Need to restock, dont want to be browsing all night! :grimacing:

Just bought 2 boxes of these for my ahem Everest training ahem, doubt you’ll find a better price and they are very good gels. Also got some of the electrolyte ones but they weren’t as well priced.


I’ve used komfuel a few times now. Helen Murray’s new podcast inside tri is affiliated with them. They’re cheap already, and with her code you get another 20% off. They’re the only place to get discounted Maurten that I know of

Bought 3 boxes of 30x SIS gels from SportsPursuit last year at about £5 each delivered. Deal Of The Century. Not helpful now as the offer is discontinued but I’m just feeling smug :wink:

(Some good Mavic kit going cheap on SP currently though. But chewy and not isotonic.)

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Check out wiggles ebay site as they were shifting boxes of their gels and bars for a couple of quid. There are 40 lemon meringue gels currently priced at £5.50



One tries :sweat_smile:

And as leahnp points out there’s similar deals on Wiggle’s ebay currently for SIS and High5.

That’s a good deal. Do you mind sharing the code for the lazy?

No skin in the game, but I feel you should at least have to visit her site. It’s at the bottom of here: https://www.insidetrishow.com/episode/timdon


I came across this site in a roundabout way via LinkedIn. They can’t touch the Wiggle price for SIS gels but their Tailwind 50 price is the cheapest I’ve seen.


Tri sport resort

On e bay
Is wiggles returns/ short dated stuff…

Most of my gels are OOD.

Don’t taste any different, no tummy issues.

That’s the one I mentioned a few posts above, along with directions to a 20% off discount code.
As you say, some of their prices on mainstream brands, especially when you factor in the discount, are unbeatable.

They also do occasional mega bargain offers on short use by date products. Given sports nutrition is basically sugar, I don’t put any weight on use by dates, so have bought a fair few things via that mechanism as well

Lidl have SIS gels in at the moment.

But nobody is racing. Step away from the gels :wink:

Ah sorry mate, old age, memory going!

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It wasnt meant as a criticism. My reference doesnt show up anywhere near as the nice big link you included. But was mainly just flagging to you that you can also get the discount if you werent already aware

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18 packets, £20 + delivery, black cherry + caffeine, but short dated (who cares?). :grinning:

Good value, but having heard a friend get 18 packs for £4 a few days ago I’m not sure I can do it just out of envy of his deal.

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Thanks an awesome deal!