Embrocation, running/cycling still a thing?

When I was racing bikes fairly seriously in Oz, embrocation on the legs was extremely commonplace. I haven’t done it for ages and can’t remember why I stopped (or started). Never seem to hear it mentioned now.

Anyone still use it for cycling or running?

Big word. Had to google it. Might rub a bit of deep heat on occasionally but that’s it.

The only reason it occurred to me was that whilst being all chesty, I rubbed tome Vicks into my chest and that smell brought back those memories.

Never heard of that either. And nope.

You remember when people used to oil up their legs before a bike race? Always thought that was weird!!

Anyway, so my wife has some Clarins muscle relaxing type oil/cream. I’ve no idea why she bought it, or if she’s ever used it. She has twisted my arm into rubbing into my legs on a few occasions when I’m suffering with a bit of DOMS. It feels weird tbh, makes your muscles feel hot. But I figured it couldn’t do any harm. Much prefer a bath in Epsom bath salts though

The oiling thing was a big deal in Oz. Gotta psych out those behind you!

The embrocation was for warming up the legs. I can’t even remember what brand I used ( I think Assos had their own). Dave Zabriskie had his own version as well IIRC.

No, people just go for as spin before the event these days.

Used to rub Deep Heat on my legs before rugby matches years ago. Had a late toilet stop before one game and pulled my cycling shorts back up smearing the deep heat all over my tackle.
Only made that mistake once :scream:


Yep only once for deep heat on the twig and berries

Same with chopping chillies and rubbing your eyes.


Is that the milder version of a chilli wank?


I once made the mistake of using a team mates embrocation, ‘fiery jack’ IIRC (the ointment not the team mate), before a footbal match. Then I went for a pee, it stung a bit.

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don’t remind me about Fiery Jack. when I went to Uni, the 1st XV rugby team’s initiation meant being held down by some of the older players and having FJ rubbed all over the crown jewels. fuck me that stung - as soon as I got off the coach back from an away game I ran into the closest halls of residence (happened to be a women only one!) found a sink, filled it with water, and put as much water all over myself. made no bloody difference as the FJ by now was well worked into the skin.