Emma Carney and Triathlon Australia

Interesting observing the current Triathlon Australia meltdown with Emma calling for an independent review of TA after their Olympic failures…and the follow up threats of legal action…

Lots of rants amongst my tri club at the state of Tri Australia.
This was one post:

"You know a system is broken when TA hasn’t run a high performance coaches course in over 10 years…. Yet when the requirement to coach at a certain level required that level of coaching…. They ran a course for one coach… the one that had the job for TA…. All the other coaches that have held the next level of qualification for up to 10 years weren’t even allowed to apply … they ran the course for one guy. :exploding_head: "

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can i send that to Emma?

even more blimey…



yep, i saw that on FB today…

Ask them about David Burt and the missing Holden Monaro :joy:

It’s always been a shit show at TA. (TNSW not much better). Every new (insert title) manager that comes, promises big new changes and ‘moving on’ and all we get is the same old same old.


“ culture where athletes of the sport are treated without respect or dignity and are subjected to bullying, discrimination, harassment and abuse. ”

I think that email proves per point

You can send it for her to look into and confirm. I personally have no idea if it’s true, but I have no reason to distrust the source.

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Geez I remember this shitstorm well.

yep…i knew there was a problem, but jeez…

We also had a bit of an inside scoop because an old member of Transitions was a NSW police detective. It really was a train wreck.

that is one shitstorm - never realised it was as bad as that.

Yeah, I think that’s about as bad as it got but TA has lurched from one crisis to another but they never seem to learn. They have this compulsory model now, that you can’t essentially join a club, with joining TA (or state)