Endurance Couture

Who wants a Finisher shirt when…

By Endurance Conspiracy, Tony DeBoom’s company. More ‘famous’ Brother Tim’s wife was manning the stall at Frankfurt in '15.


I tried to buy some EC stuff a few years back, they were like hens teeth in the UK back then.

Really good quality; 6 years old and still going strong after a lot of wear! Got two for €40.

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Oh I really like the second one… what size is it, how does it fit? Is it US sizing ENORMOUS or as expected; I’m looking at their website now.

Hmm there’ few cool designs on there that i quite like. I’m in need of a couple of new tshirts.

Nope, fit as per normal. Mine are ‘M’ just measured and pit-to-pit is 20.5" (52cm) and the cut fits athletes in the endurance sense i.e. no huge arms! I’m 1.82/74kg. Caveat being these were bought in 2015.

I think if the order comes in under £135 should be limited/no (import) charges?

I don’t think there’s any danger of that! :joy:

Very reasonable shipping too; I just over $6. It’s not fast, it’ll be between 15th and 20th July, but at that price I’m good!

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ooh I’ll take another look. I think it was started by TdB and his Dad? IIRC, they have a good sustainability ethos.

Well thanks a lot @jorgan you’ve just cost me money! haha

3 tshirts bought, due between 23-28 July. I’m in no rush so that’s fine, and means that’s me sorted for a year or so now!

I had been looking for some new tees, as a lot of mine are all wrecked on the neckline or have unknown stains all over, both caused by the grubby kids! I was on the Howies website yesterday, as their stuff is great, and lasts ages (unlike my Rapanui tops that i love the designs and environmental credentials, but the quality is not so up there on some of them) but their designs have got quite boring.

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I got a notification from the Royal Mail that they’ve been dispatched; turns out they’re shipping from Spain, which explains why the postage wasn’t too expensive.

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Yeah same. Though they said there may be customs fees due to the value. It was only £75 so under the £135 figure @Jorgan mentioned above … unless he stitched me up proper! :wink:


You mean you just believed me, and didn’t check the website? :rofl:

… well yeah. Obvs.

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