Endure 24

OK, we’re here so I can start a new thread😊

Base camp set up. Got a spot in the camper van section right next to the course👍

More pics later but the set up is bloody huge!


have fun!

How much are you planning on running? Or are you not there racing?

I think my plan is to keep moving for as much as I can and the distance will be what it is. But barring body meltdowns, I have 80 miles in mind but honestly, just here for a good time.


Good luck. A few friends are doing the thunder run this weekend.

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Is that Henley/Remenham?

Lovely spot, that, especially with a nice cold glass of Pimms :grinning:

Yes mate, exactly there. I think it’s called Temple Meadows


The regatta start is alongside Temple Island. It’s a beautiful place to race. The regatta has been rescheduled from its’ usual June/July slot to August, so I think the course is all in place and I’m sure there’s lots of crews training on the course.


Best of luck @FatPom

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Definitely worse places to race.

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Cheers Adam and All

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Good luck @FatPom

Have a great event! Fingers crossed you get some cooler weather :+1: :sunglasses:

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Make the funbus proud!

Thanks All. Everyone is talking about when the thunder will arrive. Place is really filling up now!


Looks like an awesome venue. Good luck!

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last time I was there, Mrs FB was rowing the Henley Regatta


Good luck FP

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Good luck @FatPom :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: