ETU duathlon - live

Live now featuring Ali Brownlee and Mark Buckingham

Impressive that they are live streaming this; I guess comms technology is ever improving

So long as there is a strong 4G signal live streaming these days is quite cheap I believe.

Brownlee and Bucko at or near the front all race so far

Just out of T2 by the look of things and a decent group, probably still a lot of kudos in trying to beat AB.

That French lad is shifting :astonished:

Proper running his heels were almost hitting his bum!

AB 4th just losing 3rd in the finish chute

My mate is doing the age group race

Come on Tim!!

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has anyone found any kind of live tracker?

I’ll ask him…!?

Dude, Wimbledon isn’t until July


A great location for an event - even out of season…nice to have some late winter sun…

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