EU Roaming Deals/Charges

Personally I’m on Vodafone, so wondering if anyone knows any latest deals? Other providers available!

A colleague sent me the text 8DAYEUROPE to 40506 to get it for £1/day, but not sure if it’s still valid.

Farewell free EU roaming.

roaming in the EU is bloody hard work now and depends on how much data you want as they’re all capped. My 3 account is capped at 12GB per month in Europe even though I have an unlimited UK package. BUT - plenty of free wifi about if you need it.

In the motorhome/campervan community which is always looking for the best deals in Europe, Popit seems to be well liked as they don’t cap roaming limits depending on which package you have. It runs on EE.

Apparently O2 are “the only ones to offer European roaming”. In the past it was 3 that had good roaming deals but not sure where they’re at now.

On EE I get “one extra” which i usually set to BT Sport, but as it can be changed once a month and its usually summer anyway, when i go away i change it to “free roaming” which basically treats the data plan like you are at home so I get the full 25gb iirc

nope - that’s still capped roaming as anything above 25Gb will be charged. 3 cap at 12Gb but you can buy extra if needed - the same goes for all main providers.

Just quoting their words. You pay one way or another.

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There’s not going to be free wifi where I’m spending most of my time! I am taking a very thick Jo Nesbo book.

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it’s the way they word it - it just means they’re the only provider offering 25Gb of free roaming which in itself isn’t a bad deal. Popit is still better - if you have a 100Gb pm UK deal, then you can use all of that in a month in the EU.

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The Vodafone 8 Day pass has a 25gb fair use limit. I think that will be loads for me tbh, as I’ll not be using my phone much during the day.

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when did you take out your Vodafone contract?? if it was before 11/8/21 you get 25Gb per month with no extra charge

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I’m on EE/Orange and had an add on that was £10 PM and let you use your data etc in Europe and America.

It’s added to your monthly bill and can be added/removed as required, but is for that billing month, eg not pro-rata

When I’d finished travelling in November I stopped it until I go away again.

I’m with Plusnet who piggyback EE & I believe I
get free roaming in Europe.

up to a max of £40 per month depending on your contract

No. Jan 2022.

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I’m on Talkmobile (runs on Vodafone network) and have a sim-only deal:

  • Unlimited Talk, Messages
  • 30GB Data a month
  • EU Roaming included

Costs me £7.50 a month. Unbelievable price really. Got that in December, looks like prices have gone up a couple of quid but still VERY competitive.

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Ok slightly wider than EU roaming, my daughter is going to S. Korea for the world scout jamboree and need to find a global roaming deal. I’m with Vodafone at the moment and I think it will be £6 per day (she out there for 3 weeks) so seem to reduce the cost where possible.

Any suggestions on alternative network offerings?

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telephone call for @FatPom

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Try searching for travel sims, you can sometimes buy a month pass, I got one for America previously. Only slight issue was that I think it reused numbers so I got a few random text messages!

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Crikes. Back in my day it would be a day trip to Llangrannog or something.

( i was never in the scouts btw)

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My son did a month in the US/Canada as part of his world scout jamboree trip in 2019. Now it is my daughter’s turn, I think each trip costs close to 4k but they have 18 months to raise the funds.
I wanted to just pay up and avoid having to do the fund raising with the rest of the contingent/district but no……it’s all part of the experience