Everest record gone again


Gives me a chance to share that a friend of mine did this yesterday, we went out to support her & do a few reps. 120 mile up and down or 60 mile @ 9%!


Both pretty cool - grinding it out on Holme Moss for 14 hours is even more impressive!


Bloody well done!

As in Sunday 14th June?
Was it foggy and windyAF up there? guess it was a sidewind?

What way did you do it from? Woodhead, or Holme?

We went over Snake and it was a demon Westerly against us all the way UP and DOWN!!!

Yep yesterday, from Holme side, she started at 4:30 in the morning & it was thick fog until about 10:30. Wind was ok even favourable for her, in fact it put a serious dent in my descending times as they got slower as the wind picked up even though I got braver.


Nice bloody work, then!!!

Done it from the “hard” side and in that fog - great stuff!
It was glorious when we set off at 0730, got to Glossop and started climbing and then the fog came, really weird (and cold!!!)
But down in the Hope Valley, there was none???

EDIT: Just seen the photo’s and ride on Strava - nice work!
I see that @Jorgan 's little pouch made its way to you in time


at elevation as well!

“The climb is straight and steep, rising to the top of Rist Canyon in 1.9 kilometers at an average gradient of 11%. It begins at just over 2200m and tops out at roughly 2432m.”

It’s becoming more and more popular, especially now that solo events are “necessary” this year. I’m tempted myself!

Seen quite a few on Zwift but rare on the road.

Great riding :+1:t2:

Do it!

I’ll make a TT certificate on MS Publisher for you to print off and keep in your pain cave!


No “good” hills nearby - you need a straight hill that’s 10% so you gain altitude quickly and can descend fast. The hill I’d have to do it on is only 5.9% and not much more than a mile long. You’d need nearly 100 repeats…

I’d consider having a go on Zwift but no way I could meet Hells 500 requirements. I used my trainer on 100% for one ascent of Epic KOM and that nearly killed me.

We were the opposite, set off at 6am in thick fog & thought it would clear after an hour but was with us most of the morning & but as you said, weirdly clear in Holme.
Yep, 1st road test of the Silca saddle bag, couldn’t justify the full price but so far so good. Prefer to carry 2 tubes in these times when you should be self supported & it was a supper squeeze in the old bag & then tough to get to stuff out when needed.

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A nutter I know did it last year on a tricycle. The climbing on a barrow is not a problem, it’s the descent - balls of steel that man :laughing:


Any excuse to post this - https://youtu.be/e74xncSCoqw

Lachlan doing GB Duro (LeJog the hard way).
Seems like a brilliant bloke and is clearly a very very talented rider.


Just seen this thread. A clubmate claimed the UK Everesting record earlier this month.

Edit:- He’s out of the game now, broke his collar bone 3 days ago.

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Thank you for making my evening @PCP. That was a quality little film that I really enjoyed. Lachlan definitely has a new fan.

Even though that event is much more hardcore than anything I’ve ever done, the film and his words completely mirror my experiences of long distance ultras (albeit running) so far. It really resonated with me, having been through those ranges of emotions.

Brilliant isn’t it. I’ve watched it twice and may watch it again in bed now you’ve reminded me how good it is :smile:


Yep, and he seems like such a cool guy. Really laid back, doesn’t take himself too seriously. :ok_hand:t3:

Loved Ben’s video. Think I’m gonna do it…