Everest record gone again

But his job is to earn money through cycling, and the Alternative Calendar is a big part of the experiment that team are undertaking to see if they can broaden their reach. It seems to be successful so far, and has really opened my eyes to less structured events than I was previously used to. His Everesting is part of that story … the guy is an amazing asset for the team as he continues to create stories when others are stuck at home on the turbo.



I’m with Matt. I’d love to do something like that … but there’s absolutely zero chance my wife would go “yeah sure, you enjoy yourself for 10 days whilst i’m at home with the kids!” :see_no_evil:

Looks cool AF to me!

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Can’t you do what Iron Cowboy did and just have them follow you around in a big campervan?

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Next time you’re down the West Country i’ll invite you to meet Mrs GB : :speak_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

… i jest of course. I wouldn’t actually want to be away from my family for that long, but i would love to see what i could do over something that long

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Every time I read these threads, I realise how lucky I am with Mrs FP!

That didn’t last long!



Hey Iron Cowboy was doing it for his kids! Just like Ashley Horner was doing it ‘for the kids’.

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On the running front, turns out a ex-member of our club is taking on a similar challenge on foot, which seems more like your gig GB! (sorry for the link being to the Sun) https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11868019/team-gb-runner-world-record-britain-run/

She was a member when she came top 10 in Comrades in 2018. Then got selected for Team GB in ultras. The mental thing about that Comrades performance was she ran to the start line from Cape Town … 90k a day for 20 days beforehand :exploding_head: (https://www.athleticsweekly.com/uncategorized/mthembu-wins-steve-way-superb-third-comrades-marathon-weekly-round-up-988711/)


Only thing is i can’t imagine the route is in any way very nice.I get the desire to do the LeJog, it’s an attractive point to point. But the route looks pretty dire, especially the ‘normal’ cycling one. Down the A30 right next to lorries doing 60mph… no thanks! But that GBDuro took you on a much cooler route.

She seems like she knows what she’s doing though! Top 10 in Comrades (after all that!!) is pretty flippin serious!

Perhaps one for @fatpom but i saw that the Arc of Attrition has managed to attract Nicky Spinks to the 2021 edition. Now she is deserving of the moniker ‘Legend’ that i do know!

Yeah, fair point. When you’re going for a record I imagine that necessitates the shortest possible distance, but that will likely be much less inspiring. Agreed that the GBDuro course looked epic, even if it left me feeling no desire whatsoever to attempt something like that myself!


There’s been a few deaths doing LeJog on the A30 iirc. As you say, the A30 is a horrible way to start!

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Yeah it’s grim. You wouldn’t catch me on my bike anywhere near that road.

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Speaking of LeJog and running, the men’s record has been cropping up in Athletics Weekly from time to time - interesting back story into the current record and whether it’s legit:

More detail here:

There are events that take in the scenic LEJOG route. Deloitte Ride Across Britain; fully supported, but it’s expensive.


of course it is - it’s Deloitte!

Apparently Everesting is old hat now. ‘Trenching’ is where da Kool kids at.

You can stay away from my trench.

Had to Google that to find out what it was :wink:

Seems like a pretty arbitrary figure to base a challenge on, a bit like Ironman, I guess :rofl:

From what I can see of the recent everests, it seems people don’t really “train” specifically for it. They just use their fitness and go and do it. I’d need to put in a couple of longer bike rides though, haven’t got a lot of endurance in the legs. The time almost correlates to an Ironman. The Everest record is 7:30something, reckon for me without a huge amount of specific training that a sub-10 might just about be possible (but this might be waaaaay off!), and some of the early pioneers were doing 13-14 hours. I said years and years ago that I’d love to do a day where I climb the height of Everest on a bike. Missed a trick!

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I only know because I watched GCN last night. Of course, to do the descending, you have to do the climbing. Unless you have a season pass for Whistler A Line :smile: