The climb she is doing it on tomorrow is near me, one I’ve ridden many times. I’d ride over if I was allowed.
Not a nice day for it.


Christ knows what she was playing at starting at 20 to 6!

I thought my late night turbo sessions were bad enough!

She’s a self-confessed chopper :laughing:

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i can’t even begin to contemplate that much time on a turbo! Outside, yeah i’m looking at a number of potential options. But indoors, no way!

The Everesting site is pretty swanky. The guys that run it must have attracted some good sponsorship (or they’re very good web guys themselves). The segment calculator is a pretty cool tool if you ask me.

Currently scoping out an autumn attempt with some friends. Whether or not it’ll come off, we’ll have to see.


Looks like they are growing “Everesting” - email today:


We’ve always had such amazing support and encouragement from you - our crew - and it’s for that reason that we want to bring you across a couple of future updates for Everesting that we are really excited about. As always we love taking your feedback, but until we’ve finalised some of these things if you could keep any discussion here in email rather than on social media that would be fantastic!

Here’s to an exciting 2020 and beyond.

Andy + Tam

Everesting has had a crazy 2020 to say the least. Pro riders, records (where did THAT come from?), incredible numbers, coverage in places like the Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times, comparisons to the sacred hour record, and being referred to as " …the marathon of running or the Ironman of triathlon" (thanks road.cc). Through all of that we still touch each and every submission that comes through, and get our biggest stoke from seeing your photos, hearing about your crazy support crews, and reading your stories.

Since February the number of Everesters in the Hall of Fame has more than doubled. With almost all events cancelled in 2020 and cancellation looming for many others in 2021, Everesting has become the focus for many athletes.

Like yourselves, we often feel like bemused bystanders in all of this.

We have both poured our blood, sweat, and tears into Everesting and Hells 500 for the past decade, and there have only been a handful of days in all that time where we were not approving, chatting to the crew, answering emails, progressing the concept, or tinkering online. All of this is nestled amongst managing two full times jobs and raising two little daughters (who thankfully look forward to hitting the tails with us!). As you hopefully see, we love the community we have built, and want to ensure that the same values we set back when it was four sweaty riders eating our parent’s homemade slice always stays in place - whether that crew is 100 or 10,000 strong.

With that in mind we have three new initiatives we wanted to tell you about.

1. Many of you might know that Tammy and I have been sending out our crew kit from our home, quite literally from our coffee table in our spare time. We’ve been chatting to our amazing friends at Cuore about how we can make this whole process more streamlined, faster, and a hell of a lot better for you. Thankfully they know a thing or two about kit, and we couldn’t be in better hands. You can expect quicker turnarounds and a bunch of (very) cool new products in the near future. Watch this space!

2. We are currently collaborating with cycling journalist Matt de Neef on a big project which will collate a whole range of interesting Everesting stories from YOU and elevate them to an exciting new level! If you could spare a few moments, we’d love to hear your own Everesting experience here. We really can’t wait to tell you more about that one.

3. We are chatting to a couple of potential partners to help us out with logistics, as well as generally broaden the support for Everesting. It will mean that we can bring our bigger ideas to life, throw the odd lycra party or two, and create an even more special experience to you. Stay tuned for announcements in the coming months in this area. It’ll be rad.

We love our crew, and want to do everything possible to ensure that the experience we are creating for you, and our future Everesters is as amazing as it could, and should be.

All the best, and ride safe.

Andy + Tam

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I rode that for the first ever time when I did Holmfirth the other month.
I absolutely loved it.

Bar none that’s my favourite climb.
There just no flat, or recovery - it’s a constant 6-8%, so it’s never too much, always just enough.
Just rode it tempo at 300W for 20 minutes.
Thoroughly enjoyable…

…however, for an everesting???
No way!
In no way is it steep enough - what’s the distance she will be doing???

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Change of plan…if indeed there is any plan :joy:

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Old club mate of Derby Mercury was the third ever person to complete an Everesting and used that climb :+1:t3:
It’s a good one, but if it rains, she will have ZERO grip.
It’s really shaded by trees on the lower sections, where it’s ~15%, so it’s always a bit greasy, but as soon as it rains, it’s impossible (think of Mow Cop)
However, it is sheltered :ok_hand:t4:

245km total distance on that one…
…although she could do Rowsley Bar which is about 500m down the road and get it over with in just 155km :wink::crazy_face:

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Sorry everyone, you need to try again…

You can be damned sure if I ever tried this I’d add at least 50m on just in case

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I think if you do it in Zwift you need to add something like 150 mtrs anyway and I can’t remember why.

Something to do with run in?