Seeing as I’m not going to Ventoux and I’ve raised a fair few ££ for charity, I’m thinking of Everesting instead.
Pen-y-pass at Snowden would need 36 ascents over 140km total.

Have any of you done it or attempted it?

There would be 2 of us so I’m thinking 1 on each day over 2 days while the other supports at the foot of the climb.

My FTP is around 3.2w/kg. Based on that I’m guessing it will be a stupidly long day.

Any suggestions or estimates on time?


@jaylen84 did it a couple of weeks ago!

I’ve thought about it and talked about it a lot. Does that count?

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I hope so, that’s all I’ve done so far. Only properly considered it since last nights France announcements.

Got my hill planned but other stuff is getting in the way unfortunately

I did it. It was brilliant, I really enjoyed it. My 20minute power was probably around 320+ watts at 64kg, my Everesting hills (x 100), each climb was about 7:10 at 200+ watts. I was like a metronome so either judged it well or didn’t push hard enough…! Had a straight easy descent so no need to brake, could stand up and freewheel and stretch it out. Was pretty much unsupported so had to carry a fair bit of weight. Had a friend rode a few hours with me but what would have been better “support” in terms of making you faster would be having someone permanently at your “base camp” to take your orders! It took way longer than I originally thought. 16+hours with 90mins off the bike over the day re-stocking, toileting etc. But I didn’t race it, I did it to complete. If I’d had more daylight I would have loved to have continued. I got to 9600m or so before I decided it was too dark and dangerous - bats and animals everywhere. The hardest part was actually getting myself there and getting on the road. I had two failed attempts where I couldn’t sleep (at all) and called it off because I didn’t want to do such a long ride without sleeping. On the third attempt I still hadn’t slept but was fed up with it all, building up mentally and getting everything ready and wanted to just get out there and try it. A litre of flat coke after a sleepy first couple of hours and I was fine. The flat coke was good throughout! I never have trouble sleeping but maybe I felt it was a big unknown, hadn’t trained specifically for it, had never spent that long on a bike before, it was a bit exciting and a bit daunting, also I did feel a bit vulnerable alone out there and my car and I were fairly conspicuous, so maybe that was playing on my mind too. If I could go back with hindsight, I’d have just gone and done it at the first opportunity. I’d do it again, but not this year - not enough daylight any more! I’m in the process of writing a blog post about it but let me know if you’ve any questions! I’m no expert but I’ll answer what I can…


Until that point, you almost had me tempted!

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Yep, with my power and weight I reckon I’m looking at closer to 20 hours.

Maybe next year, back to the drawing board :see_no_evil:

It genuinely did go very quickly, I was surprised.

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I will put my hand up and say Everesting does not personally appeal, even on Everest itself :sweat_smile:

Now ‘Haute Routes’ across Mtn ranges, that does appeal :ok_hand: (I did Chamonix to Zermatt many years ago).

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18-22 hours isn’t uncommon. You see all the headline stuff, all the sub-10 times etc, but when you look through the hall of fame, there are a lot of long days out there too. There are ways you can make yourself faster, but trying to go faster probably makes it seem longer if that makes sense, in the same way that a hard hour on the turbo usually seems longer than a short hour. One other thing to note is that if you were thinking of supporting an Everest the day after an Everest, I could barely move the day after. My back was locked in position and I was lumbering around unable to do too much. And tired as well…


Nice to Geneva is also meant to be a great route, would love to do something like that!


Your ride would be much shorter distance-wise than mine so that would probably help with the overall time. Your hill would be steeper. I had done quite a bit of high-gear, low cadence training and with the 7-8% parts on my hill with my 34-28, I was doing 70-75rpm. Wouldn’t want to have been any lower than 70rpm as that would have led to knee issues I think, so I would advise receeing the hill, climbing it nice and slowly, and making sure you have gears that allow you to do 80-90rpm. On the day, you’ll probably be even slower than this (I was anyway!, and so you’ll need the low gears…

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We’d planned to do exactly that in September, had flights booked & support from a man in a van too.

Ahhhhhh unlucky. Hope you get another chance at it, even if next year. I’ve done some of those mountains on day rides but the whole thing looks incredible.

That’s plan B, delay to next year.

Arne Beswick just did it twice on Winnats Pass and Peaslows (different days)

Sam Clark did it on Saint Mary’s Road in New Mills.

Ask her to tweet Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles - both riders above are from there.

She could also do it on Teggs Nose?
That’d be EPIC!

Doing it on Winnats is selfish.
Far too busy.
No wonder cyclists have a bad name with motorists when people are everesting on there during lockdown (it’s been rammed since the easing!)

Peaslows is a nice 1.5km 10% climb, and straight.
But zero views and boringAF.
Although it’s massively sheltered from the wind and not busy at all.

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True to her word…

Edited to add Strava section:-



Hmmm, Isle of Skye is a nice climb but not really steep enough IMHO

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She had a shot on Zwfit a little while back