Exercise Minutes on Food Labelling


Food packs should display how much exercise a person would need to take to burn off the calories contained in the product, UK researchers say


I think this might have the opposite effect on those of us here, rather than thinking “oh I’ve had a muffin therefore I need to go for a 30min run”, some of us might be more “OK I’ve been for my 1hr run, now I can have 2 muffins!” :cupcake::cupcake:


What better reason is there to exercise, than to enjoy a treat guilt-free!

That’s genuinely how I think about food and training. The weakest part of my “regime” is nutrition, and a large motivator of training is the fact it allows me to eat whatever I want without piling on the pounds


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I LOVE Christmas Pudding, and was all for eating it for 31 days of December; but I got to 9 days and thought ‘this isn’t doing me any good’! It was probably clogging me up! :sweat_smile: So I will give it a few days off.

Or worse, “I’m probably going for a 1hr run later, so I better get the muffins in now” :grinning:

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How many of these are justified by


I appear to be 6 down since started reading this thread…

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As usual there are some priceless comments in the HYS section of that BBC piece :rofl:

Any conversion of calorie consumption into exercise time is going to be pretty meaningless for most people. The variation in calories burned for a given exercise duration will be vast depending on intensity and the size of the person doing the exercise.

I’m another who uses exercise as a buffer for not being too picky about what I eat. I don’t think my eating habits are that unhealthy, but I do have a sweet tooth and I don’t spend too much time agonising over healthy eating options.

I rowed lightweight in my final year at uni and lost 8kg over 4 months to make weight. The whole experience was miserable and I’ve never actively “gone on a diet” since.


Everything in moderation.

As long as it’s legal.

I can’t see it working. A calorie is a fixed and known value. A person looking to drop weight can think in calories but if they are not prone to exercise, then how can they correlate the effort?

Anyone who does exercise, probably already knows roughly what the label would tell them.

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Not everyone is enlightened.

Richard E Grant eats it year-round, and just look at him; he’s a demi-god right?

Richard e grant


I reckon 20.97 flapjack bits sounds about right for that run


It’s a fair point. I just looked at the article. 8km/h for “running”? That’s slow even for most social parkrunners.

As you say, the exercise requirement for two different people could vary vastly.

Peloton could have an App where a ring donut slowly disappears as you ride :sweat_smile:

Ah it probably will help, but it just propagates the false calories in, calories out approach to being healthy.

Now if they could make it slowly appear as you ride…I’d be in.

I know plenty of people who use exercise as an excuse for a treat, and most of them hugely over-estimate what equates to what. A 30min jog does not equal a big mac. And lets not start on festive flavoured coffees.

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Mmm, orange spiced latte. Irish coffee. Mmm…

A complete misunderstanding of the problem…