Exmoor Walks

Possibly a question most suited to @gingerbongo given his proximity, but sure others can help also.

We want to go for a walk on exmoor tomorrow. Nothing massive as the kids will moan. I want to teach the kids a bit of map and compass and my eldest is pony obsessed and desperate to find some wild ponies.

Any recommendations on where to start. One website said that Porlock Hill, Winsford Hill and Molland Moor were good places to find ponies. Guess would want something near there we can park, do a little land nav and hopefully see some ponies.

Sack off the family and do cycling hill reps up Porlock Hill, a beautiful climb, unless you do the wrong road in which case it must be absolute hell.

(sorry don’t know any walks up there!)

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What sort of distance/time you thinking @GRamsay? I don’t know the Moor that well up there, but the coast path is cracking.

Tart steps area is nice, but may be busy - so anything from Simonsbath.

I’ll ask a mate though, he knows it like the back of his hand.

Not far to be fair. 3-4 miles in a loop. Kids are not conditioned for much more than that.

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Selworthy beacon was my tip off from a mate. Or there are goats up at valley of the rocks.


Thank you. We did valley of the rocks a couple of days ago. Didnt see any goats. Had a go on the funicular railway at Lyton too.

Will have a look at Selworthy. Think my plan to teach the kids map and compass is losing interest amongst the wider family. Might fuck off on my own and do it.

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