Extra small size

So I have had a few fittings over the years, despite a small size usually being the manufacturers recommendation, fitter say get a medium and put a short stem on - a very short stem.

My roadie is “medium” has a top tube 530mm and replaced the standard 110mm with a stem 80mm - so 30mm off. Why not just buy a 500mm top tube frame?


In completely unrelated news, yes, I’ve found an XS bike I like at 40% RRP.

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That’s weird, opposite would always be my prefferred. (140mm stem here!)

Are you perhaps needing the height from the larger frame?

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Really? That’s pretty much the opposite of what I’ve been advised.

On a road bike, if you’re in between sizes then I was always told you’d feel a lot more agile on a smaller frame.

On a TT bike, whilst you might be able to play around with reach (at least to some extent), a bigger frame is going to be a lot more restrictive on stack if you reach a point at which you cant go any lower.

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:rofl: Lord, no.


Do you have a long torso and relatively shorter legs? That’s what would lead to needing a frame size up.

I’m the opposite (long legs, short torso, crap swimmer :joy: ) so go a frame size down so it’s not too long


I would have thought short legs, smaller frame - my nut sack is always in danger.


Good question to ask, but the below would imply not?

@joex - probably can’t ask them retrospectively, but would be intrigued to hear the rationale of the fitters!

Which bike?

I’m a midjit too…!

I’m the same bigger frames, shorter stems

This is why I buy a 56cm instead of a 58cm.

I had a 58 once and it just didn’t feel as nimble or “throwable” into the corners.

That is a very good point. Yeah I’ve no idea why a big frame/short stem combo then :man_shrugging:


I think it’s the 2020 calliper model, chorus, XS is a paltry £1099

Considering I was actually thinking along Tarmac lines…this is almost throwaway prices.

Don’t forget there are bike fitters and bike fitters out there. Many bike fitters spend a lot of time just correct the bodge jobs of other bike fitters.

Some info about stem length


Nice, why so cheap?

I thought new stuff was crazy money due to covid 19?!?

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Only XS available and presumably noone buying…

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Up the midjits!!

You going for it?

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172 isn’t that short; is there some other morphology going on here?

I have a long body for my height and it bugs the shit out of me, that the moment any clothes shrink slightly, it exposes my back when I lean forward. Either that or I have to buy a size too big to get enough body length :roll_eyes: