Extreme Endurance Xendurance

Does anyone still use this stuff? I did back in ~2011 and it at least seemed to help a lot with the complete absence of DOMS after IMUK (yes it was a short run, but it wasn’t that short!) and the TDS Ultramarathon (120km, ~6,000m vert).

I’m currently A LONG way from the fitness of 2011 Iain, and getting wrecked by DOMS as soon as I do anything weight bearing, so wondered about starting up on it again.

There was some suggestion that it prevented one from progressing as fast because the recovery pain was part of the process or something? But I’m so out of shape that I think I’ll take that if it means I can run for 30 minutes without being trashed for the next 3 days.

Yep, I still use this. I typically use it for about 4 to 5 months as I’m building up to an event. My reasons for continuing with it are a) partly from habit and b) because I do feel as though it helps with cumulative fatigue.

I guess I started using it at a similar time to you back in 2012 and I had some good results. Over the years I’ve tended to acquire lots of habits/rituals, which I keep hold of feeling that they must have something to do with those results.

However, I do seem to notice some difference without it, and as the training starts to build before I start taking it I can feel myself looking forward to getting back on it - to help with the fatigue. Although of course, this might be purely placebo. All that being said, I’m still struggling with fatigue a lot at the moment and not surprisingly it seems to be running that is the culprit. It occurred to me while I was out the other day that I’m normally injured at this time of year and my training is usually focused primarily on swimming, cycling and some work on the elliptical. However, for some reason I’ve been able to continue running this year which on the one hand is great, but on the other I do think it is the reason I’m struggling to recover as easily as I used to. Oh, and the fact that I’m now 46, and no spring chicken anymore.


Thanks; I’ve bought some, will see how it goes.

I had forgotten, however, that when taking them in the past I had to be somewhat cautious about what I had them with as there was a bit of a tendancy to crap them out whole, and they would sit at the bottom of the bowl in an unpleasant manner.

Will see how that goes!

So weirdly I won a bag of some of this stuff in that sprint tri a couple of weeks ago

Tried it once, thought it tasted foul, haven’t tried again

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Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me – a while back, they sent me a full bag of their “fuel five“ drink. Was supposed to be some kind of slow release formula. The powder was white but the drink itself was black and tasted like absolute vomit. Never had calories that tasted so bad. No way, can I stomach that – not even for free!