F1 chatter (spoilers)

They’ve been pretty clear that Lewis hasn’t been able to setup and drive the car at his best. George is clearly doing a better job right now.

That said, he’s ahead in the Championship and Merc are ahead of Ferrari. Given they’re car looks a bit weak, it’s not terrible.

Fernano has his podium back


Motivation or skill level?

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Yep, but i doubt that’s enough for him…

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Motivation, not suggesting he has lost anything.

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I have nothing to hang this on, but i sense he might have lost a touch…

along with the motivation drop from not having a winning car and gaining that 8th championship, I think the work ethic that brings the edge may beginning to ebb away…

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He did?

I’ve never warmed to the chap and will be glad to see the back of him :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

He didn’t…

Montreal, here we go!

Great race track and interesting grid

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Good to see how far McLaren have come…from a back team only a few short years ago to…errrr…a back team…

Pushing Ferrari hard for making tactical errors…although Ferrari did well this last weekend…

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It’s not going to get easier for them with Audi buying Alfa & Honda backing Aston Martin.

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Anyone else watching Silverstone?


Silverstone always delivers a great race!

Yeah, lots of racing all through the pack right to the finish, safety car helped obvs. Good to see the Mclarens competitive again.

Yep…but can they keep it up for the rest of the season? Interesting tyre choice…

Seems like the right tyre choice in the end, Verstappen said the soft wasn’t the best for him & Hamilton also had difficulty keeping them working. Who knows? Good form for the last 2 races since the upgrade, looks promising, seems the best development route is just copy Redbull…


i think Norris is a fast driver and getting a lot from the car…but they have a way to go because RB Verstappen is just quick…