F1 chatter (spoilers)

Continuing the discussion from Doping in UK vs elsewhere:

@Doka :
Yes, will all be interesting stuff but a 3 way fight for the title would be bad for Merc splitting the points. We might get to see Russel with less to lose making some Max like banzai moves on Max though :slight_smile:. Will Russel make Lewis look average as suggested above, I doubt it but look forward to finding out. Norris could be in the running too if they can make a step with the car & benefit from the new rules. Ferrari are likely to be in the mix too next year, both great drivers.

Big reset next year in theory. RB and Merc could be on the back foot if they extended themselves too much this year, but you have to assume they know what they are doing. Ferrari could have stolen a march if they wrote off this year early, Mclaren too.

Then there is the minnow finding a loop hole like Brawn did. Although with Haas, Aston and Williams buying so much kit off the big guys, not much scope to innovate.

As for drivers. Sainz seems to be underrated to me. Never blown away by any of his team mates, Verstappen, Norris and Leclerc included. If the Merc starts the year off the pace then I can see Russel struggling.


Oh thank Jesus for that.



I had better start the way i mean to go on…

a very unfair way to end a great season of racing…

what has happened to McLaren?

how does Mazepin have a drive (even with his money)?

Will the Mercedes pair be allowed to race next year and will they do a McLaren in the process?

I agree, bear in mind the huge shift that occurred the last time there was a comprehensive rule change.

Red Bull immediately went from top of the pile to a distant second, I actually genuinely hope we see something similar; ideally much more closely matched cars. In reality though one or two teams will emerge on top.

Looks like Williams may already be on the back foot, shame.

I’m sure I heard Mercedes had stopped work on this year’s car to focus all resources on next year’s, hence why the Red Bull was more competitive.
However they could have backtracked on that when it was closer than they’d anticipated and pulled resources back to the current car.

It’s all a big unknown as to who has got their design philosophy right for the start of the new regs. We have seen that

  • Ferrari got it wrong from the start and have never been able to make up the difference, they’ll be hoping that they haven’t made the same mistake
  • Merc have an amazing team and lots of money pulling this together. I’d be surprised if they fall back much but it should close the gap a little.
  • Mclaren very interested to see where they end up
  • Red Bull good aero designers and have been engine limited previously. That difference is gone so I expect to see them at the front because the new regs are primarily around aero and ground floor
  • Alpine, French, so who knows really
  • Others too many to bother listing the mid-field has been incredibly close all year and wish they’d spent more time showing their fights.

Not mentioning Aston Martin, probably too early for them next year but they have set a huge ball rolling meaning business with big $. Massive new factory, wind tunnel & poaching the top aero guys from Red Bull & Merc.

RB now developing their own engine in-house, that could go very well or very badly.

Max and Lewis fighting it out may benefit George.

Ferrari, if they’ve got it right, could be real challengers.

Lando could be a real challenger.

I can’t wait for it to start again!

Yes, too early to tell and they’ve probably not had long enough at developing the car for 2022 regs.

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Watching live today. Highlights on C4 are so late tonight


Those comments above about Aston Martin have aged well :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah, they’ve done a good job and Alonso can still drive.

Merc ahead of Ferrari despite all the doom and gloom.

RB has such a speed advantage. Going to be a whitewash this season.

and the steward advantage…



Not sure what the stewards did yesterday which helped RB. The safety car was maybe unnecessary but don’t think it was RB over anyone else.

Helped Max

Lewis too

Yep, but he doesn’t have the car to do much with it at the moment…

That said, GR is driving well…

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My head says Lewis is done and should call it a day at the end of the season.

But my heart wants him to continue, mostly so he doesn’t have time to develop the Rap career he has threatened in the past.