Fans - chargeable, USB, gym friendly

Hi all,

Anyone take their own fan to the gym; treadmill/watt bike?

Most of the technogym treadmills have USB ports which I’m assuming offer a charge, but some kind of clip or clamp needed for the watt bikes and woodways.

are USB powered fans going to offer enough “oomph” though? when you’re sweating like a glassblower’s arse you need hurricane level wind

Check the gym floor for additional plug sockets

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Cordless leaf blower, light and easy enough to run to the gym with, you line it up to your head, it’s brilliant.


I should t read this stuff when I’m in the gym :joy::joy::joy:

Oh the lulz. Yeah but anything is better than nothing.

People think I’m dying.

In fairness, hard intervals or bike, when I see myself in the mirror it scares me too.

I see a selfie clip in my near future…:star_struck:

USB Ports are for keeping your phone charged up - not for fans ffs

You do make me laugh sometimes…chill out bro! :cowboy_hat_face:

I’m sure a 2W fan will make all the difference…

Is that all you can get from a USB port? I’ve never looked into it

I was going to get something more substantial but the gym won’t let me put anything on the floor that’s a trip hazard:

Sorry… 2A maybe 3 … at 5v means 10W-15W

0.5A on a USB 2.0 unless its wired for high power - which I dounbt a gym machine will have.

I think you were right the first time - 2 or 3W