Just got the email that this is up and running now.

I logged in and it seems like the leagues from last year have copied over so there is already a TriTalk one.


LINK A BROTHER UP, HOMIE :star_struck:

Y’all going down :joy:

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paresseux. moi? :sleeping_bed: :joy:

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Oohhh, time to underperform once again.


Story of my life.

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Can’t pick teams yet as the riders aren’t loaded in. Just had a look at the course and wow, they’ve gone hard this year. There’s barely any long boring sprint stages. 2 and 3 are flat but coastal. Maybe 5 and 6 could be a bunch sprint but equally could be one for the break or the puncheurs if they drop the pure sprinters. Then the next flat stage is 19.

How many uphill finishes this year?!!! I counted 9 with a few that have downhill run to the finish. Very tough to pick a decent team this year.

EDIT! Whoops!
I’d posted on the Pro Cycling Thread,
Not here.

@jgav - as per below for stages 1-6.

Ganna/Kung/Asgreen stage 1.

WvA will be keeping his powder dry for a sprint “loosener” on Stages 2 and 3, aiming to get the win on Stage 4 (rest/travel on Day 4)
Stage 5 is cobbles, another stage I’m sure he’ll be looking at, after his bad luck at Paris-Roubaix.
The four days after that are hills and mountains - so Gc/breakaway days.
Although all eyes have to be on Stage 12 for the GC :star_struck:

So…I’d probably go with:

Ganna and WvA for the major point scorers for the first three days.
Pogacar can TT, so he’ll be in white at the end of Day 1 (kung is now 27)
Then after stage 4, swap out Ganna for a cobbled specialist who can also climb and has a good chance of being in a breakaway…I really can’t think of anyone who fits that bill :shushing_face::joy:

You’ll also want a sprinter who is going to get the green jersey on Stage 2, plus whoever is going to be wearing the polka dot jersey by Stage 6 :+1:t3:

MvdP and Sagan are all good shouts for the punchy stage 4 and cobbled stage 5. Maybe Michael Matthews, too? Just depends on their cost!

There’s your early point scorers.

MvdP, WvA and Alaphillipe.
That’s about it for that style of punchy rider on a longer stage.

Maybe Mohoric.
Perhaps Thomas de Gendt?

Sagan out with Covid…again


If either are riding the Tour.

Evenepoel has shown good form and will be challenging in the TTs. Rafal Majka is in incredible form.


I’m sure Evenepoel isn’t riding, focus is on the Vuelta. Alaphilippe may be back.

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Think he’s going to be off the pace.

Staying away from the big hitters.
Making himself look better that he is :+1:t3::joy::wink:


Have they released the teams on the fantasy thing yet? They weren’t there when I tried yesterday.

WVA skipping the Belgian nationals as well to protect a knee injury from an earlier training camp.

Top Ganna just took the Italian TT nationals.

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Nope - looked today.

Can do the quiz though in the hope of getting an extra free rider change. I’m close to getting one but think I’ll miss getting the second.

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They are usually comically late. Reckon it’ll be late weekend.

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Riders are on now.


Pog and 7 others.



Here you go…


Teams in… even read the rules this year :nerd_face: