Fantasy TdF - Please NO SPOILERS here

It’s really annoying not being able to see other people’s teams!

I change my road captain each day. But haven’t swapped riders. My account says I have 400 credits which I think I can use to swap riders?

I thought on rest days you got the change some riders for free, but maybe that’s velo games.

If I had made Nizzollo road captain day 1 would have 150 more points.

Just bothered reading the rules. You can swap a rider at any time costing 50 credits.

You can earn more credits by inviting friends on Facecloth.

I have 400 credits, so 8 swaps. Not sure if I get any more as I go through. Not going to bother swapping riders unless someone is out, or completely a bag of shit.

I think we should have a gentlemen’s agreement (like not attacking the Yellow Jersey into Paris) to only do subs if a rider abandons. I’m doing the road captain thing each day but getting into the subs thing sounds like a way to madness (I shouldn’t really mention subs or Sloggers will be back on the case)
Ps. My Tri club created a league but used a different spending limit to the standard one so I had to create a whole new team for that. Now I have to do everything twice :frowning:


Yeah, substituting riders is not very realistic.

I should have not left GvA as my Captain for the TTT :joy:

Yep fair enough no changes unless abandonment. CBA with that anyway.

Yep this works much better for me as CBA with the subs. I probs wou;dn’t even notice if one of my lesser known, cheaper riders ended up bailing!!

Reckon I have a good-un as Capitano for today :upside_down_face:

In the spirit of openness here’s my roster:

Bernal, Bardet, Sagan, Bonifazio, Van Aert, De Gendt, Barguil, Fraile

Toss-up for Captain for you today the too. Mine is between the ‘vans’.

van Aert
van Avermaet
de Gendt

Yep - i think Jumbo are going to go all in to keep the yellow, so i’m shooting for WVA.

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Teams are now visible on the site. WvA pretty popular!

i can’t see any teams …

refresh the page maybe? The ‘eyeball’ symbol is now yellow on my phone.

I get a yellow eyeball but when I click just get question marks

I have

D. Martin
van Garderen
G. Martin

I can see everyone’s team when I click on the eyeball

I just get a question mark if I click on the eyeball too:

De Gendt
De Marchi

You must have some special super powers.

Not much love for G in our teams :slight_smile:

I have two teams (quite clearly named). I’ll be making subs on the (subs) team, simply because me and my mates have money on separate leagues with the two different options! I wasnt sure which way you guys were going with it, so added both teams to the TT league

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