Fantasy Vuelta a España '22 **No Spoilers**

I think we can use the Login that @Jorgan set up for the Giro.

TriTalk 56280477

^^shit code apparently^^


Oohh what have I got. A couple of days. :thinking:

So Roglic and then a team of biffers? Or do Cara/Bernal hold a genuine threat?

League code no worky

Thats not good news

I think you’ve missed the Giro :roll_eyes:

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But not showing the Vuelta either :rofl:

Vuelta a Espana highlights will NOT be on ITV4 this year – here’s where you can watch it | Tour de France on TV

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Thats what I meant to post. Wasnt paying attention

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GCN or that weird freeview channel?

4 teams in, is the link/code working @GRamsay?

You’ve got until Saturday afternoon to finish faffing with your team once initially entered.

Odd, got an error saying not recognised, but I am in the league so all good.

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Does that number work? It’s not one I set up; do we need a new one for each event?

This one feels like a crap shoot.

I have no clue if its a new one each time. Your team is in the league I can see. I got an error saying it wasnt recognised but it has added me to the league so must just be a bit of a bug

You know what I’ve no idea :man_shrugging: but I’m in.

The first couple of teams I entered were rejected as they said I’d chosen the same rider twice, I hadn’t. As @GRamsay has said there seem to be a few gremlins.

I think the league will be much closer than the Giro & Tour as no-one has a fucking clue who to pick…apart from Roglic.

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I’d barely heard of a single 4pt rider.

Just flicked Eurosport on for the team presentation and there’s some bloke dressed as a knight and a ballet dancing singing a sreechy version of Creep by Radiohead. It’s very strange :thinking:

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Thanks for setting this up.

Entered, odd collection of riders!

I never do well at these but this time I’ve really no clue. Looks like Roglic and a bunch of 2nd rate riders, Carpaz and Bernal aside.

Tempting just to pick those 3 and full the rest with a bunch of 4 crediters

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That is probably not a bad shout

I’m in!

Left Rog out, will probably come to regret that decision.