Yeah, you naturally either have a high BMR or a smallish frame because that is quite lightI. The lightest I’ve ever been was in the run up to a marathon when I got to 76kg at 178cm.

I’m a little taller (188cm) but 30kg heavier. I’m definitely overweight but I’m pretty sure I’d have to start losing some quite important bits to get anywhere near that?

I’m in @NickBerry camp as well. I eat a ton of food, always have. I’m feeling super hungry and starting to get a bit shaky now (10.53) as i’ve not had time to grab anything since breakfast at about 7.30.

We eat dinner quite early (5-6) and i’ll pretty much always be eating again in the evening. Trouble is, at the mo, that’s generally bad snacks. But i’m ok with that.

I have a big problem with satiety too, which is why i think i’m addicted to all forms of bread (plus it’s just bleddy lush and i love it). I couldn’t eat a main meal that was lacking in carbs and not be raiding the cupboards shortly after.

I would be a quivering wreck within a few hours if i didn’t have breakfast. I can also get really cranky when i’m hungry, especially late afternoon before dinner.

i’m about 173 cms and 72kgs now. Heaviest i’ve been (this xmas) was 75kgs, lowest that i know of was about 67/8kgs when i was London mara training (100 mile running weeks etc).

The thought of fasting genuinely sends shivers down my spine.


But you will randomly run all night?!

Nothing wrong with that by the way…!

We are all very different.

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Waiting for @Poet views on fasting :joy:


Just don’t label your run/ride title as fasted :rofl:


What you talkin’ ‘bout Willis?

It’s for chumps.

It’s 11am, I’ve been up since 0540.
No exercise ‘Cos of my asthma.
I’m grumpy.
I’ve ate;

Nakd bar
Two slices of toast with at least 25g of butter and 30g peanut butter
Two mini pork and pickle pies with a dash of mustard
Two kebab-type chillies
Two slices of manchego
Three coffees
750ml High5 Zero


On the podcast it mentioned that when you eat was just as important as what you eat if interested in weight loss. You can get away with eating crap - or as he calls it a Western diet - if you eat at the right times.

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Do that and you’re labelled a tw@t

Reminds me of my 05:30 session

0530 mile repeats at 5:30/mile before work.
An hour of them, mouth sick some bile, then walk into the office at 0630, showered and at my desk for 0700.

Fasted my arse.
Just doing a sesh before brekkie innit.


I can eat for England, but can also fast pretty easily most days until lunchtime.

Never eat before a morning session.
Have some EAA powder in water when I get to work.

2 hour run last weekend was all fuelled on the food from the night before.


Yeah so I’ve had a bowl of cereal and a cup of tea so far today.

I’m going to absolutely raid Sainsbury’s at lunch - not until 1 though :upside_down_face:


Should’ve stocked up last night, pal


Pork and pickle. I’ll have a look out for them

Interesting, despite feeling pretty hungry right now that stuff doesn’t really appeal much here. Although the price is mighty fine. :+1: Pork pies yuck & those sanis look a tad greasy for my taste. Now a nice tuna and onion sani with rocket, or maybe a baked spud and tuna or beans, followed by a couple of bananas - that would go down nicely

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Cheat day …?!

every day


So if I run one on t mill 14 hours after my last meal on just black coffee, which I got into a habit of doing last year … that’s not fasted?


8 I’d guess would have you in some sort of fasted state

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I’ve been cooking lunch (warm salads etc) for most of lockdown, but Sainsbury’s have been giving stuff away recently.
Too good not to buy :rofl:


Where to start. OK, if it works for you, well done. Keep up the good work.