Fatties & Carbon Bikes

Supposed to be doing a 70.3 in a couple of weeks. It was a place that had been deferred a couple of times. Anyway I have been in a period of negative weight loss and current am the size of a bus. My fitness is pretty appalling also but was thinking of David Goggins it and just trying my best.

However, wondering about using my P3. Cervelo say there is no weight limit on their frames but not sure they were expecting 123kgs to be riding one. In the past I have had issues with the seat post slipping, despite plenty of paste and going slightly over torque settings. Worried about hitting a bump and the seat post coming out the bottom of the frame. Also not sure about the wheels. My Enve tubs have no weight limit but the front needs rebuilding. I have som Amp 50s (whcih I think are made by reynolds) but not sure on the limits.

Should I just use my road bike?

I think this is a difficult one to answer. 123kg is more than some companies rate their Clydesdale wheels for example, but I guess it will come down to the serviceability of your components and the condition of the roads! Make sure everything is in good mechanical condition; as you say it’s the seatpost and wheels that are going to take most of it. I’d make sure your rear wheel isn’t close to rubbing the frame when you’re out of the saddle.

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If your fitness is where you think it is, will you gain a great deal by using the P3 over the road bike?


It’s a bit of a bodge but, as a last resort, I have heard of people cutting a broom handle to the right length and putting it inside the seat tube so the post can’t slip down. What it’s going to rest on at the bottom is obviously a consideration there too.
Would some clip on bars on the road bike get most of the benefits without the worries?

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Wouldn’t it rest on the crank axle on most carbon bikes?

Not if that’s where your hidden electric motor is :shushing_face:

The bike will probably take it but more wheels will most likely not. But hitting a pothole hard, o flying over a sleeping policeman road hump may make a difference.

Jorgan calls then Clydesdale - I call them ‘Stallion’ build as that’s what HED call mine

But the heaviest I ever was on a bike was 100kg.

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Because of the curved rear end the seat post goes right down onto the wheel stay. My mate has a S5 and his seat post failed (due to manf fault) and came out the wheel stay. Got a brand new bike and wheels out of though as they only make S5 disk now.

The bike is great condition. Its only got about 800 dry km in it from new and lives inits own heated spare room. :slight_smile:

Think I might just ride the roadie, as symes says in my state will I gain much from the P3 anyway. If for nothing else turning up with my gut on a £6000+ uber bike is going to make me look like a twat.

Might try and put some hurt on the show-offs with my hairy legs and Trek 1.1 and then just walk or DNF the run

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Ride the roadie simply because you will have more fun and less worries during the event. That, for me, would be deciding factor. And before long you will be down to a lower weight and can confidently get on the space rocket.

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We all know road bikes are more fun than TT bikes!

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Yep definitely sounds good. Only do the event for shits and giggles so nothing to worry about with the roadie. Not even going to bother taking the mud guards off


Mt P3 has been in two major shuts and has survived…a always over tighten the seta post…