Favourite film

So we have the watching thread but seeing as I’ve completed Netflix & new stuff has pretty much dried up I’m looking for inspiration in old classics.

To make a start obvs no.1, Shawshank Redemption.


True Romance. Tarantino’s best in my opinion.


Oosh, good one.

Needs a bit more narrowing down.

Give me a genre or mood you’re in

He didn’t direct though

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Which version? :wink:

Don’t really care, I’m interested in yours to have somthing I might not normally go for, hoping for a few to go at. We have Rocky cued up for tonight on the back of a friend posting it on Facebook last night.

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So, theatrical, Director’s or Final version :rofl:


yes :wink:

28 Days Later

Well for a Friday / Saturday night, can’t go wrong with Aliens (Special Edition if you can find it)
Scott Pilgrim vs the World for some batshit-ness

For a warm hug of a movie, Paddington or Paddington 2

For something more up to date, Parasite is on Amazon

Pirates of the Carribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Literally never get tired of watching it :pirate_flag:

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Almost Famous. Love that film. Having spent much of my life in bands this is my go to feel good film.

Airplane/Goodfellas/Major League spring to mind - all fairly similar too :slight_smile:

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Apocalypse Now, Shawshank probably battling it out.

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Not my favourite, but underappreciated/known: A Life Less Ordinary.

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Favourite film has evolved over the years.

Certainly was Aliens for me back in the day. Then Shawshank for years. Then Gravity when I saw that on a big screen and was blown away.

Nothing since has come close.

Although I’ve high hopes for Top Gun: Maverick. :blush:


I’ve just order the Blu Ray as the Atmos soundtrack is meant to be stunning