FFWD wheelset - disc & 60 (tub, disc brake) - £520

Heads up:

Used from the factory team - €599 for a rear disc AND 60mm front.


I just ordered a set. That’s a silly cheap race set, especially considering it’s disc brake.


Well, they’ve arrived as promised. Lots of glue to be cleaned off, and they needed a wipe, so clearly an off-load batch from the FFWD team. But otherwise not a scratch on them.

Bank account says £540 at conversion rate. That was free shipping btw.

Tempted to buy 2 or 3 more sets, wait for next spring and sell them at ~£1k a set. :slight_smile:


why not?!

0% credit card, and worst case scenario is you have to shift them for £540!!

At that price, you’d probably get your money back, but resale market on tubs is pretty poor from what I’ve seen.

If these were clinchers I’d of been all over them


Exactly. I would have been the same.
Hence my point on resale value being questionable