Finchley - run route?

Long shot, but does anyone know a 10k loop in Finchley or perhaps a 15k our and back destination?

I’m in taxi duty across London tomorrow, and need to get in a steady 29km run.:roll_eyes:

Sorry a bit north for me but Hampstead Heath? I believe it’s quite hilly though

Same. I’ve only ever been up that way twice to play at the golf course.

Use strava labs heatmap to see where others are running frequently

Oh yeah, I could run to The Shire, although it’s not very picturesque.

Hampstead Heath is 5km from my starting point, so that could be a good shout for a three loop thing.

Thanks guys.

Anyone know Trent County Park? Could be a bit of a faff to keep the pace up through residential streets to get there, but looks fairly big.

Interesting, looks like I’ve found a riverside walk through that which wasn’t showing on Maps :+1:

It depends which part of Finchley (it’s a long narrow strip which runs towards the centre of London. If you can get to Kings X you get on the canals.

Trent Park is a bit of a runners paradise, loads of trails and loops to explore. Hampstead Heath is the obvious one, lots of hills/trails/paths/mud.

Alexandra Palace is nice if you’re over towards that way.

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One for the trail shoes, park the vaporflys for this one!

Thanks @Jgav :+1: