First Ever Cycle

Hi Guys,

Just completed my first ever road cycle to and from the gym. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on my performance and how this compares for a beginner. I loved it and hopefully I’ll improve the more I get out there.


I’d say that’s a great start! The important part is being comfortable, enjoying it and building confidence on the bike in many different situations. There’ll be good and bad and lots to learn along the way. Don’t think you know everything, ask questions and read/watch loads online. Always something to learn no matter how long you’ve been riding. But don’t fall for all the “must haves” before you’ve got your confidence and understanding of the basics.

My first few rides had punctures, walks up hills and fall off as I forgot to unclip from my pedals. We were all beginners once.

Cycling culture and what you’ll find looking at others online, will make you think you need loads.
You don’t. If you wore a helmet (± lights for darker days) you have everything you need.

And if and when you’re cycling regularly and ever feel you want to upgrade things, then it’s things that make cycling more enjoyable (eg winter clothing). Not things that make you ‘cycle better’

Just enjoy it and find what part of your life it fits in


Well done!

Everyone starts with that first short ride. You’ll be completing the La Marmotte before you know it.

Something I say to all new roadies: don’t be a ninja. Dress bright/fluro and use an obnoxiously bright red LED flasher on the rear. It may save you and you’ll never even know…

Hi Chris, this is a pretty good start. You rode to the gym and I assume you did some exercise there as well. There is a big psychological element, why do i drive to the gym in order to work out? I ride or run to swimming because the idea of driving somewhere in order to do exercise seems entirely wrong