FIT fixing

Anyone good with fixing corrupt garmin files ?

Had a couple of crashes lately where it’s (820) just powered off, on restarting it offers to save or discard, I restart the timer and it just carries on.
The problem comes with uploading where it just fails to recognise the file, a manual upload of the file directly to connect says it is of the wrong file type. Also notice that the corrupted file is much larger than equivalent distances.

I’ve tried initially with: (altho struggling to download the fixed files)

This latest instance is part way through a very long ride I’m stitching together so would be good to sort it out … any experience or fit ninjas ?

Chop it in half using a text editor and see if the first half will load - if it won’t, then cut it again and again until the stub of the file loads. Then do it from the back end of the file until you find the biggest bit that will load and you’ll know which bit in the middle is bad. Then use the Strava ride stitcher to add the two bits together.

Or post a link to the fit file here if it’ll take it and let us play with it.

Used gotoes for the stitching of multiple files before… and for this also.
The fitfiletools time fixer seemed to work… the nl site didn’t help anyway !



There were quite a few 600km audaxes this weekend, judging by my Strava feed.

Yeah … it’s a PBP year and the qualification deadline is looming by when you have to have done the required 200, 300, 400 & 600km recognised events.

Windsor-Chester-Windsor is a classic and filled very quickly… as of the current plan i’m doing another 600 in 2 weeks.

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Chapeau Ed !

Are you living on a bike at the moment given your weekly mileage ?!

Not as much as I need to be :slight_smile:

Rode with a random club on Sunday (somewhat dropped by the ~17mph which was actually about 21 for the first 2hrs)… I expect they’re now strava stalking me and swallowing hard.