Following on from 'how cold for running tights' Which tights are good 'uns

Looking at running tights. Ron Hills don’t seem to be the latest in fashion any more. Had a look at the AlpKit website and theirs seem good. Also had a look at Decathlon. I don’t really want to have to wear shorts over them, and don’t won’t everything on show like Linford Christie swinging down the 100m’s. Then we have the full length and 3/4 length problem also. Choices, choices.

I’ve got 3 or 4 ageing pairs of Nike capri tights that I’ll rotate most of the winter. When it was bitterly cold over the weekend I wore a pair of them with a pair of the Alpkit Koulin over them…I also had a pair of Sugoi windbreaker briefs on. All was toasty.

I’m approaching 6ft with a 32" leg & the mediums are a bit long on me.

Nike Dry Fit’s are the only ones I’ve had that last, and don’t turn into horrible baggy things after just a few runs. I’ve kept an eye out over the years, and occasionally have found a pair in SportsDirect at a sensible price (although I do have to hold my nose while spending any money there). The Nike outlet store in Norwich has proved fruitful too… but that shop frightens me, and I have to leave my wallet behind when I go in.

Had to go and check, but my current faves are karimor (is that spelt right?) and quite possibly from Sports Direct.

Quite tight and supportive
Medium weight
Reflectors on the calf/ankles
Zip pocket
Feel quite robust

UK medium fits well @ just over 180cm / just under 70kg

Can’t comment on the Linford Christie issue, but let’s just say I haven’t been challenged to a fight while wearing them


I’ve only got one full length pair so not much to compare with. I have the OMM ones, they are very comfy. I think there is a thicker version but the ones I have are plenty warm enough.

I only went with them because I won a voucher at one of their events for coming 5th overall in a trail marathon*

  • There were only 37 entrants :laughing:
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I have the 3/4 of the fusion tights;

Started panic buying as I thought the main supplier was stopping producing them.

Pretty much the only thing Ive worn below 10 degrees for a number of years and first pair only just starting to not be comfy (material just hardening up a bit). I find the mesh pockets are great on side of legs for carrying gels, key, arm warmers, gloves. Kept shape perfectly.

I have the Alpkit ones, they’re pretty good and aren’t that expensive. The pockets are useful and well designed


This… uncomplicated but the pockets are super useful for stashing phone / gel / map in.

I use the Kalenji ones. No complaints, except perhaps sizing on a short arse like me.

You would wear shorts over just for the wind/cold protection though. It;s risking a frost bitten wang otherwise.

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I’ve had the same pair of DHB tights for, blimey, could be best part of 10 years. So long, I couldn’t promise the current ones are as good. Use them for running and cycling. Arse seam is going to go soon (think I’ve beefed it up once) but pretty impressive longevity. I do wear shorts over them for running, though. And they’re not warm enough for really cold days on the bike. Plenty long enough to avoid a gap at the ankle. Very stretchy. Good, high waist.